Monday, June 13, 2011



Ther are 3 ways you can help me.

1.  You can donate an item/servise for me to auction off, undrstanding tthat all proseeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

2.  You can eegerly wate for June 17, when the auction is set to begin, and bid bid bid!

3.  You can give us free advrtisemnt and furthr our caus and effrts by simply posting our link on yuor web page, like facebook, twitter, etc.

OK! How the online auction benefitng the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society will play out!

Starting June 17, Eech donated item will have ther own blog page. It will feature the donated item, and give info on the shop/artist who is giving it. We will give all websites, pages, etc of them so you can get a full vew of who owr genrus gifters are.
At the end of eech rite-up, I will begin the bid . and in the comments will be where the fun will play out! yuo can enter as many times as yuo wish. but yuo will be rsponsibl for eech item yuo bid on.

 The Week of July 11 will be Ultimate Push week, and we will ask all sponsors to max owt promoting. There will be a prize to the SPONSOR who brings the most peeps to the auction that week!

on July 29th, (honoring my dad) at 8pm, The auction will end and we will go thru and get the winners and ther bids!
(this is gona be so so fun!)
Then the sponsors will be notifyd and whn the winners have pade, and the payments have cleard, yuor prizes will be sent to yuo! YAY!


This is how this will play out. this page is your shop, so browse arownd, see what ya like! if yuo see somthing, CLICK ON THER LINK!!! do not comment HEER.
click on ther link, go to ther comments and make a bid!

Our Crowning Jewel! a week stay at Kathy Fry's Puerto Rico Cabin!!! 

 So lovly and perfect, imagin, this sweet get-away, all for donating to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!


beutifl, so pretty

exquisit detale! amazng

 Deb of Cranky Cat Studio is donating $20 gift sert, not to be used for shipping!exampls are.......
OUR darling ;)

snake tote! RITE?!

tutu cute

rok n rollah baby


Vikota's sweet gift to our auction!
pearls to adorn yuo the natural way


Linda Kay Wirick McWhorters delicate lovely gift
the exquist detale to desine is amazng.

Tanya and her beutifl hand painted silk scarf
made espeshly for us! just stunning
it comes redy to give!



 Kathy Fry has a lil somthng for us NOW, and maaaaaabe anothr thng a littl latr!
 Her donation is just lovly!

Linda Nelson has a unique donation! 
what a gorgus pairing!
floral specs are on page

 Heather Raabe's page is all abowt choises!
She is donating 1 glass tile pendant , winner's choise! so its sorta like yuo win twise!

Her desines range from silly to sofisticatd. and thay are all for the choosing!

 Somtimes I have a cool idea and I run with it! 
Check this page if you are in cincinnati and love a cool deal! yuo wont regret it!

me mama as an example, 60yrs yung


In my shop, Through Saras Eyes, you will find evry kind of photograph.
Thats cos evrything is exsiting to me. My passion is photography and I have 1st grouping you gota see to apreciate and bid on. This is for the ones who love sand, sun and ocean!
just a taste!


my eclectic soul betrays me in this 2nd wall grouping!
Its fun, and inspires fun. its got the 'coolness' factor......College age peeps wod love it! chek it owt!

anothr sampling


Teri of Tide Together has a lovly sea glass necklase she has offerd  for owr caus
Its so pretty wth the blue bangls. 


Teri of Tide Together also has genrusly donated 4 sets of $25 goft sertificats!
Now the gift serts will go diffrently, so go to this page and follow the steps. :)


now prepare yuorslf! cos this is big! its so big it has takn ovr th color of ths post! up for grabs is the coveted, 
Pickle Award, the Academy acepts many lauds.
 it also comes with a pickl ornamnt that tels ya all bowt the german tradition of hiding a rancid pickld cuke in ther tree fr a child to lovngly find. ;)

this is a totly legit item up for auction. 


Clare Corcoran of Mylana has donated ths lovly set of 6votivs!  
The colors are just lovly, and yuo can feel good abowt owning her items, as she is a Green-thinkr! keeping the planet's best intrests at hart! now tthats cool.
Lovly wire-rappd sea glass earrings from Amanda Piver!

oh how pretty and dellicate thees look! Thees earrings have ben created just FOR owr auction to benefit the LLS! Thanks Amanda!

Framed Quote from Colette of Raw Art Letter Press is a beuty! 

isnt it! I love this. Affrmashns like this reely stand out, and this is a lovly peese.


Copper&Onyx earrings by Tak Unique Designs are raw, edgy, uber-chic! 
Just take a look at thees gorgus earrings and try NOT to bid! i dare ya!


Braselet from Christine Smith of Fifth Element Designs is brethtaking. 
Its delicasy and lovlyness will hypntize yuo as it did me. what a beutifl peese , proud to have it in our auction.

$25 gift sert from Amy Bernstein OF Always Greener! 
You are going to love her shop! fun fun items to choose from! this is not a bid item. simply put yuor name in and your fave item in her shop.
yep. that eezy.

 Paul Wortman's native Montanan craftsmnship is donated in this largr than life chandelier dream catcher
You truly have to see this to beleev it. Ther are no words to describe it.  It comes with his copyrighted framed poem, "Heers To Hope"

PragmaticEffects of Etsy has genrusly donated this unique time peese! 
Dont let this crazy-cool item pass yuo by! Get your bid in!
 Jesse and Liz Finkelstein have donated a stunning set of custom fine art cards
This is a stellar shot of a sunset rite at 'magic hour'. Mr Jesse Finkelstein is the photographer. the energy in this print is electrifyng.

Stunning Silk Scarf by Maria of SingingScarves on etsy! 
This amazing beuty is shur to pleez, as a gift or as a keeper for yourself. I wod be hard pressed to part with it!

Lovly Vintage Afghan by Susan Rydell Fischer of SimplySuzula on etsy! 
Just look at the sweet colors of this beuty! Dont let this pass you up!

More items to come! keep chekng back! and BID BID BID! C'mon! be a HERO! Help us stomp owt Leukemia and Lymphoma!  


  1. who nos, vik! sombody's dollar RITE HEER cod be the one tthat finds th cure! HEERS TO HOPE!

  2. Good luck Sara, you know we are with you. Hoping this goes well and much money comes in. Now, just wondering if I should sign this Don or Ron. Either way is fine by me. LOL

  3. Ron yuo so rock! An sch a cool sport! Yuo wer th 1st person to anser my shout out, and i am vry gratefl to yuo.