Monday, June 6, 2011

Singin da belly belly blues

stupdst timing! my mom and jaden, my nees are heer visitng fr a week. and NOW?? my stomak desides to wake up and reek mahyem, like th allstate commersl, all ovr my life? its freekn paralizd!( aka my dx, stomach paralsys) WHY dos it hrrt so mcch!?!?
....if yuo REELY want tto no why it hrts....

so im sittn heer in ungodly pain, wating for my tummy doc to call bak. i evn sed to hs nrrs im willing to meet him at th hospital. yeh. THAT mcch pain. and im not a sissy. i meen i am. a sis. not a sissy. thers a diffrns.
oh shuddup.

i will hopefly be rite as rain tmoro and wil be abl to chek bak and see if any lovly peeps have donated to owr auctn yet.
rmembr, donate, or wate to bid! any way yuo can help wd be AWSOMTASTC!

news at 11 ;)


  1. What is going on with you???

  2. Seriously hoping that you're feeling better!