Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gettin It Done

My mama and neese are comin to visit tmoro for a week. I'm so exsited!

But I have got to kik it to get this online auction a real deal and I need YOUR help to do tthat! Ther are 3 ways you can help me.
1.  You can donate an item/servise for me to auction off, undrstanding tthat all proseeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

2.  You can eegerly wate for June 17, when the auction is set to begin, and bid bid bid!

3.  You can give us free advrtisemnt and furthr our caus and effrts by simply posting our link on yuor web page, like facebook, twitter, etc.


So far, heer is what we have! Chek it out......

Ron Cheruka donates this incredibl Hand Carved Emu egg featuring a filigree design, much like brain coral tthat yuo simply must see to beleev! So heer it is! Ron is a celebratd native american artist.

Juliet Armstrong has grashusly given thees splendid earrings to furthr owr caus... and thay are beyond gorgus! Browse thru her shop, and find her amazng talent in creating royal jewlry.

Step wth me into the realm of Lavinias Room and feel delicate meet decadent in jewelry. She has made this lovly beauty for us. Come into this shop and feel the raw talent. Be humbld and amazd.

Tanya Athannassova has donated a ~one of a kind created for us~hand paintd silk scarf that is so so lovly. I own one of her creations and it is stellar.

Deborah from Cranky Cat Studio takes baby style to a whol new level. Yuo will NOT find duckys and bunnys heer! I own sevrl of her items, and thay are MADE for tons of washing, and rugged use. She has donated a cool $20 dollar gift sert! so on this listng, it will be a drawing of names that comment on her blog page heer on June 17th when i make it. just leev a comment on my page for her and yuo will be enterd in the drawing. DO NOT LEEV A COMMENT HEER YET. the auction dos not start til June 17th.
You can find her awsom styles at The Voodoo Kitten etsy shop
and at Cranky Cat Studio, i promise you will LOVE the uber-cool items for kiddos!

NOW! I do have others I need to get web pages for, so if yuo dont see yuors up, dont fret. I'm workin on it! just send me all of the links yuo wod like advertised.
If you DO see yourself, then post this on yuor web pages! Ask your peeps to repost! Tweet it! C'mon! Lets all be HEROS!

Clickk HEER for the LLS web pages that we are pulling for, on this auction and other info you may need


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