Monday, June 18, 2012

The Waves, Spoons, and Consepts

The waves that colide with us daly ar as individul as we ar. The choises, needs, and actns are all our own. But we can look at sombody and lern from tthm. or with them. ther is a huge diffrense in that.
I wod like you to lern with me. See my hart, heer the echo of my soul in the actions I take, and I you.

I am confrontd by things I dont thnk I can do. There is too mcch. I am afrad. I dout myslf.
but I am frgetting.
I am not alone.
haha yuo no thats funny

The Spoon Theory has ben brot up oftn heer . I have had it on my blog befor. The thing is to
show it to your family and frends! lol the chaleng is to get them to undrstand that I am a
brain trauma patient. And I need a littl considrashn.

My rsponsiblty is to make that aware. and whn I feel in crisis, to reech owt. to let sombody
no, "help me".

OK! I fownd th cool/crazy art shop, yuor gona love it. Lets browse in Ashleigh's to Ashes

$25 with $4shipping, its beutifl and disturbng

$25 with $4 shipping, a tingling self portrait, as is the one above

$25 with $4 shipping, this exudes emoshns crossing the gamut

$25 with $4 shipping, whimsical and dark
Lets meet this Artist, Ash......

how old wer yuo whn yuo frrst started yuor art? what inspired tthat?

 I would have to say that I started photographing when I was in high school as a junior. It was an elective basic black and white photography class. I continued until senior year and even in my first year of college I took another intro to black and white class. I didn't take another photography class for 2 years but it was in 2004 when it finally hit me that photography was a true love of mine.
It was after taking some conceptual portraits of a friend that I realized what I could do with image taking that I had only before thought was a journalist's or landscape arena. I was looking at a lot of fashion photography. I became fascinated with the feminine and that was the end of it. I was hooked.

These days I find inspiration by many of the same things that I did as a young teen, although it has reformed itself to challenge what I and others consider beautiful. I pull inspirations from old furniture, music, eroticism, nature, different kinds of film and the list just goes on and on.

 how long have yuo ben on etsy and why did yuo deside to open a shop?

 I have been on etsy since 2008. I originally opened it to make some extra income though I have only made 1 sale and that was just this year! :) And that is fine, it is another outlet to try and get my work seen and if someone is interested in a print that's awesome. 

 what is yuor fave thing in yuor shop rite now?

 My favorite print in my shop would have to be a tie between 2 self portraits. Since I don't have titles I am speaking of
I feel like they are a bit more mysterious than the others in the shop. I am in love with sensually mysterious images which I feel like I have been able to capture in both of these.

 what charity wod you like to spotlite in my blog?

A charity that I would like to spotlight is the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.

Thank you for sharing a cup of coffee with me! Make it a grate day!