Thursday, March 7, 2013


IT is not lost on me on how we prepare for so many things in our lives. We prepare for going to school by finishing our homework and getting our clothes mapped out, a very important decision as we grow! We prepare for college with the classes we take, or we prepare for whatever our future holds when we graduate. We help our government prepare by exercising our right to vote.
We prepare.
I am preparing for battle again. I am getting my team together. my Primary Overall Dr, my cardiac dr, my neurosurgeon, my endocrinologist, etc. My Mom and my brother want to be here with me when whatever treatment is made. That means alot to me. My family, and my friends are gathering and sending positive energy to me, and I enter my circle to pray often. I prepare.
Birth of Hope,

This story upsets me.
 Gas Boom Projected to Grow for Decades
I understand it is natural gas. I also understand we have not done enough to get away from needing any kind of gas fuel. It took Nature millions of years to create the oil we use.........and it has taken us  a century or two to use it to the point of it being almost gone.
Why have we still not allowed money to create jobs by fixing our infrastructure? upcycling it instead of waiting till it is so bad it has to be completely torn down and rebuilt?
Where is our committment to focus on green tech, and wind electricity? Instead of giving the big oil companies subsidies in taxes, those should be taken from them and given to new green companies, invested in creating strong usable energy.

I would like to share some of my fave artists who use what they find and create amazing art from it.

Kathy Fry uses the bounty of the ocean and reclaims it as her own and creates wonders.

Sea glass and pottery,

Suzanne VanRaemdonck has cleverly used a sleeve to make this stylish purse! how cool

Wool shoulder bag,

riptieknits has  taken much loved t-shirts and created awesomtastic pillows out of them! great!

I *heart* NY pillow,


Asta has taken a huge twist on Easter recycling! Check this out!!!

Real egg shell candles,

 Jenny Berry's art is exquisitely hers alone. She takes vintage shoes and makes them OOAK!

Hand Painted Vintage Pumps,


So you see, I truly feel we as a country should use the wind power on grids. and give them the oil subsidies. Give big tax breaks to peeps who buy a hybrid.  We do this in our everyday lives, take from what is already there and use it over and over. 

It is time to become independent of oil. NOW. 

share your thoughts. and please keep me in your prayers, as I prepare for this treatment.


I also request you share my blog with those who might benefit from it. Patients who might need a listening ear, who understands what they are going through.  HUGGYS!