Friday, October 14, 2011

Soul Diet


I am begining a soul diet, a quiet (mabe! ) adventur of lessning my 'bothers', and losing my 'strays'. The 'bothers' of my mind that trrns so fast as if on a hamster wheel tthat i canot keep up need to be shed. The stray worys and hurts and misgivngs in my hart need to be shaken owt, beetn owt like Granma did her rugs.
My soul needs to be clensd, renewd, refreshd.

This is a strict diet, but its all up to yuo. or me, that is.

Evry morning, I am going to find somthng I love abowt me and abowt my life.

I will pick 1 person evry day to reech owt to, pray for, let them no thay are cherishd.

I will ask myslf 'how are yuo doing?' and thn reward myslf for a truthfl anser.

i will get owtside evry singl day. no mattr what.

I will lern to lisen to peepl withowt assuming it is me who shod fix ther problm. just lisning is good.

I abslutly positvly promis myslf to take care of ME. my body's needs and wants and desires. I promis to invest in myslf, emoshnly by givig in to 'i need cuddls NOW', psycly by lerning mor and understanding my treetmnt plan and be proactiv. and physicly, by treeting myslf to a new hair cut, or nail polish, or ......yep.! SHHOES

OK! heer are th restrictns.

I have a wory box. a reel box. so whn a wory pops into my hed, i will rite it down and put it into th box....and LEEV it ther. Like the story of th llittle girl who wantd her Father to fix her broken toy, but took it with her whn she walkd away.....I haave to leeve my wory with the Father in ordr fr Him to fix it . and i mite put ths same wory into th box evry time it upsets me. as long as i consusly commit it to th wory box eech time. i beleev in ths exrsizze.

I will not lisen to anythng negativ regardng myslf. if smbdy has a problm wth me, we can talk. but as soon as it esclats to more than that, i politely will tell them to shove it and walk away smiling. the smile is key. evn if yuo dont feel like smiling, 'fake it til yuo make it'.

I will firmly keep my mind OPEN.

I will not take on any rsponsblty wthowt takng a brake and reely thinkng abowt it.

I will be mindful of how many spoons i have. and tell others, if i need, that i need help or asistns. Reed the Spoon Theory heer

I will grasp at 1 problm at a time and tackl it. rmembr, 'Just for today, I will try to live through this day only,
 and not tackle my whole life problem
 at once. I can do something for twelve hours
 that would appall me if I felt that I had to
 keep it up for a lifetime.'

 Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee with me this morning! Make it a grate day!