Monday, June 18, 2012

The Waves, Spoons, and Consepts

The waves that colide with us daly ar as individul as we ar. The choises, needs, and actns are all our own. But we can look at sombody and lern from tthm. or with them. ther is a huge diffrense in that.
I wod like you to lern with me. See my hart, heer the echo of my soul in the actions I take, and I you.

I am confrontd by things I dont thnk I can do. There is too mcch. I am afrad. I dout myslf.
but I am frgetting.
I am not alone.
haha yuo no thats funny

The Spoon Theory has ben brot up oftn heer . I have had it on my blog befor. The thing is to
show it to your family and frends! lol the chaleng is to get them to undrstand that I am a
brain trauma patient. And I need a littl considrashn.

My rsponsiblty is to make that aware. and whn I feel in crisis, to reech owt. to let sombody
no, "help me".

OK! I fownd th cool/crazy art shop, yuor gona love it. Lets browse in Ashleigh's to Ashes

$25 with $4shipping, its beutifl and disturbng

$25 with $4 shipping, a tingling self portrait, as is the one above

$25 with $4 shipping, this exudes emoshns crossing the gamut

$25 with $4 shipping, whimsical and dark
Lets meet this Artist, Ash......

how old wer yuo whn yuo frrst started yuor art? what inspired tthat?

 I would have to say that I started photographing when I was in high school as a junior. It was an elective basic black and white photography class. I continued until senior year and even in my first year of college I took another intro to black and white class. I didn't take another photography class for 2 years but it was in 2004 when it finally hit me that photography was a true love of mine.
It was after taking some conceptual portraits of a friend that I realized what I could do with image taking that I had only before thought was a journalist's or landscape arena. I was looking at a lot of fashion photography. I became fascinated with the feminine and that was the end of it. I was hooked.

These days I find inspiration by many of the same things that I did as a young teen, although it has reformed itself to challenge what I and others consider beautiful. I pull inspirations from old furniture, music, eroticism, nature, different kinds of film and the list just goes on and on.

 how long have yuo ben on etsy and why did yuo deside to open a shop?

 I have been on etsy since 2008. I originally opened it to make some extra income though I have only made 1 sale and that was just this year! :) And that is fine, it is another outlet to try and get my work seen and if someone is interested in a print that's awesome. 

 what is yuor fave thing in yuor shop rite now?

 My favorite print in my shop would have to be a tie between 2 self portraits. Since I don't have titles I am speaking of
I feel like they are a bit more mysterious than the others in the shop. I am in love with sensually mysterious images which I feel like I have been able to capture in both of these.

 what charity wod you like to spotlite in my blog?

A charity that I would like to spotlight is the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.

Thank you for sharing a cup of coffee with me! Make it a grate day!

Friday, May 25, 2012


My fingrs on the keypad. My eyes driftng in spase. still shakng off th groggy frm sedashn. pain levl of a solid 7.

and how are yuo tday?

answer tthat truth. too oftn we are askd tthat and we ar expectd or we THNK we ar expectd to say 'oh fine, and yuo?'. tdays assinemnt for yuo is to anser tthat truthfly at leest 1 time tday. and come back and tell me wat happnd. whn we allow owr self imposd protectiv layers to be pulld back a bit, we mite be srprised. we mite find a person who reely cares. or somebody who is hrrting too and needs a kindrid soul. yuo just nevr no.

OK! lets get to wrrk! Pleez take a look at this blog, Butterfly In The Attic, that has featurd my parrot print, it is so cute! a fun blog.

Heer is a peek into my cute littl shop for my newest listings
Cant get enuff, $35, with $3 shipping

Too fun, $20 free shipping

Deep $35 with $3 shipping

Go Fish! $20 free shipping

AND NOW.......

I'v fownd a lovly littl shop with a varity of pillows, purses and photography! too cool, come check owt JanandPaulCreations with me........
whimsical at $32 with $5.35 shipping

Lovly at $19 with $3 shipping

how cool is THS! $18 with $5.50 shipping

Simply gorgus, $14 with $5 shipping

Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wtth me ths morning. Make it a grate day!

Monday, May 7, 2012

We all feel grate when we do somthing out of th ordnary, above the call, rite? you get the hero-fevah and the only prscriptn is more cowbell! no, wate, the only prescriptn is a worthy cause.

Our world has seen such devastashn in the past few years that you wonder if the greeks have it rite and thay ARE warring up ther and throwing crap down heer!

I fownd a very cool way to become a global hero for $1. YEP! Asking for $1. WHY? cos we can alll do that. not askng for $10, or $25, or $50 with a silly name like 'silver' or 'gold' or platnum. but the name you will be given is HERO. GLOBAL HERO.

Heer is Kathy Fry, In her own words......

Hello Friends!

It has been over two years since a devastating earthquake struck in Haiti.  The initial outpouring of aid immediately following the disaster was amazing, but there is still so much to be done.  Over 500,000 people are still living in tents, under tarps, or in temporary shelters.

We have been looking for a way to get involved in the work being done in Haiti since the earthquake struck.  Since Dennis is a builder, he naturally wanted to get connected with a group that is doing hands-on work.  Through our research we learned about a group called The Haven Partnership.  Haven is a Non Governmental Agency (NGO) from Ireland that is partnering with groups including Oxfam, Habitat for Humanity, International Federation of the Red Cross, UNICEF, and Plan International to build new housing and upgrade existing homes.

Haven has been working in Haiti since before the earthquake.  Founder Leslie Buckley visited the country during a business trip over 10 years ago and was shocked by the conditions he witnessed.  He and his wife Carmel started Haven in 2009, and the organization had staff on the ground when the earthquake struck.  Haven’s work in Haiti immediately switched to emergency relief after the quake and they have continued to work on other projects along with the rebuilding efforts.

From Haven's web site:  "With their existing network in Haiti, Haven was in an ideal position to help with the initial disaster relief in Port au Prince and the ongoing rehabilitation. Working with other major aid agencies Haven has taken a lead in providing for the needs of the people affected by the earthquake with regards to shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)."  The organization works exclusively in Haiti, taking a systemic approach to helping solve the root problems of poverty in the country through disaster relief and recovery, building transitional and permanent shelter, providing basic sanitation facilities, employment and training for local residents, and offering community development workshops, all with the goal of helping Haitians lift themselves out of poverty.  You can learn more about this worthwhile organization by visiting their web site at

Dennis will be traveling to Haiti in early May for Haven's "Build It Week".  Volunteers from the U.S. and Ireland will be teaming up to spend a week assisting with rebuilding efforts.  Each volunteer is required to raise $5000 to participate in Build It Week.  The majority of funds raised go toward materials for the projects the team works on, and a portion covers travel and living expenses for the volunteer.  We are asking for your help in raising the needed funds for this trip.  We have set up an account at the Westby Co-op Credit Union (WCCU) in Richland Center.  You can send a check or money order to Housing for Haiti Fund, c/o WCCU Credit Union, PO Box 110, Richland Center WI 53581.  We have also established a PayPal account dedicated solely to raising funds for Haven.  You can make a donation through PayPal by sending funds to  Finally, if you would rather send a check directly to us, you can make it out to Housing for Haiti Fund and send it to Dennis and Kathy Fry, 21952 County Highway SR, Richland Center WI 53581.

Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested in helping.  We greatly appreciate your help, and welcome your donation, no matter how small.  "Drops of water turn the mill...singly none."

Thank you!

Dennis and Kathy Fry

SO. see how yuo can be a hero? $1. tthats all I'm asking. 

thank yuo for sharing a cup of coffee wth me! Make it a grate day!

$35, with $3 shipping at

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How Long Has This Been Going On

Yep been too long.
SOO much has happnd. I feel I have been in a tornado.

I have lernd this.
Do not let owtside circmstanses dictate who yuo are. HOW yuo react to thos circmstanses is who yuo are.
Use whatevr tools yuo need to get the job done....meds, exersize, forsing yourslf to get OWTSIDE at leest one time a day, etc.
Always stomp in mud puddls.
Take off yuor shoes and find a littl kid somwher and just wiggl yuor toes in the grass. (kid within yuor fam! LMAO)
Get away from the dam computer!
Do not fully trust your feelings(love, anger, etc.) cos thay are fickle and change with the breez. Ride your feelings like waves. To be able to swim in waves, rmembr you must jump up into it.
Along with tthat, do not ACT on negativ feelings. wait. call sombody. If yuo feel yuo have nobody, call a hotline. I promis things do chang. somtims it takes a LONG freekn dam ass time tho.
Read yuor favrit little kid book.
Learn to be yuor own best frend. love yuorslf and treet yuorslf, jus like yuoo wod yuor best frend.
To Be Continued..........

feel free to add yuor own!

The shop I want to spotlite is Vintage Eye .
 In Her Own Words:
I am Vintage Eye. Your go to gal for the best vintage. I am an honest purveyor of vintage goodies. All are at least 20 years old and I do not sell knock off crap. I do, however, reserve the right to occasionally list ugly stuff. Enjoy your stay.

 Lets take a peek and browse her shop.......

OHMYGRASHUS! how lovly! $14.00 with $6.50 shipping

How COOL is this! $32.00 with $15 careful shipping

$125.00 for this beauty made in 1938 with $15 careful shipping

Stop by her shop and browse the treasures!

My May sale is Give Your Mother Beauty! Remember, I can edit and restore old photos and make DVDs. All florals are on sale with the ROSE25 it gives a hefty 25% off! And where placed, free shipping!

Stop by MY shop too! I'm sure you will find something you will LOVE I love daisies, as you can see! This month's code is ROSE25 for 25% all florals and female form prints

Beautiful! my favorite 8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35 with $3 shipping

8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35 with $3 shipping

8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35 with FREE SHIPPING!

8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35 with FREE SHIPPING!

8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35 with FREE SHIPPING!

Thanks for sharing a morning with me! Make it a great day!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be refreshd. renewd. find courage. strength. togethrness. Find that your soul is attachd to so many others......evn if yuo are emo and deny that. in the midst of scary shit, become the gratest you have ever ben.

I sit heer wth not many words. my best frend is havng a scan. i am with her. and i am singng this song.

Kathy , luv ya. hope yuo are at Trader Joes!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It Cod Be Wors! lol

yep, i took a tumbl in owr kitchen, whch is linoleum ovr convceet. very unforgiving. 3rd time i fell. my blood pressr just drops at th most inoprtune times. so now im sportin a concussn, sore sholdrs and back, and head. so bare with me

Give me feedback on this. Do you want free items? are yuo willing to do a few small things to get them? are you willing to donate an item to be given?I want to PAY IT FORWARD, to honor all those who have gottn me this far. 
Think. how many times have yuo ben tuchd by smbody who yuo reely didnt evn no ther name.

mabe yuo want to give an item 'in honor of', or in memry of. i'm asking for the smallest item in yuor shop . My hope is we have a spurring on of good deeds. watch this and be moved to act. We are only heer for such a short time. how will you spend it?

My freebee is decorating a kids room. i showed yuo things ystrday of the cutsy stuff. but what if yuo have a teen, or a preteen?
One of my best, and part of a groop of cats, $25, free shipping to USA and CANADA

8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35 w/$6 shipping

$20 and free shipping in USA and CANADA

8x8 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35 w/$4 shipping

Part of a groop, stellar posters $40 free shipping

Those that are in groops, let me no if you are intrested in seeing the groop. If you are intrested in having the prise of only the 1 print, agen let me no. mix and match is alwas fun to create your own cool grouping.

also, I'm a specialist in Vintage Restoration. Whats that? Give me your treasures. Let me work wth thees delicate memories. yuo will get your own photos back. AND. you will get a dvd of your photography, cleend up and beutiful. I will also give you a CD tthat yuo can take to wal mart or walgreens or wherevr and make as many copys as yuo want! how bowt that.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

News Fit To Print

102.7 temp
sore throt
"but at leest ya dont have cancer!"
fuck yuo.

Stupid asses who use that line deserv to be smakd rite upside th head.

have yuo ever felt yuo are living in a goodbye song? with Whitney Houston passing, it occurs to me the song she is most popular, Dolly Parton's song, is a goodbye song. to hear it now, wth whitney sing it is soooooo bittersweet.
we must brake owt of that , if it is yuor downfall. go back to Louie Armstrong 'Wonderful Life', and George Harrison 'Heer comes the sun" (whch i sing evry day of my life. evry singl day.)

OK! its short tday, im exosted and feel crappy.

I want to start a new thing. We have owr Author Spotlite, and my own shameless plug. I wod like to add 1 freebee a week.

Rules for the freebee are:
You must follow this blog, pleez and leev a comment saying you are folowing.
Pleez tell me your favrit item in the artist's stor.
Tell me what your favrit shoes are.

Each week that we have activity, we willl have a drawing for the free item.
Sownd fun? I think so.

Today's artisst is 
Steven Daniel
Photographs of LIVE Tree Frogs - REALLY!
Lets take a peak into his whimscl shop, shall we?
Ok I'm hookd.$22 w/$3 shipping

Too Too Cool! $22 w/$3 US shipping
Stellar! $22 w/$3 shipping

I am thinking of decoratng childrens rooms. Whimsical and silly and cute. Give me yuor thots.

5x7 for $10, free shipping in USA and CANADA

This is a limited edition only 100 will be sold, all are numberd. 8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $30

5x7 $10, 8x10 $20

my prints are free shipping in the USA and CANADA, unless othrwise stated.

I am giving away an 8x10. do the steps and comment!

Thanks for being patent with me!

Monday, February 20, 2012

BOO! Coming out of my cave.............

mourning |ˈmôrni ng |
the expression of deep sorrow for someone who has died

Somtimes you can get stuck. like a 1-2-3 punch in rapid sucessn. and yuor owt.

i was lookng up psychs in my area and thay wer all child drs. so i did a serch on "adult psychiatry".........and i got back, 1st try, "

Michael Myers, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

great. im stuck wt an ax murdrr. this to go with my last one, who sed i was schizo. litrly. and nobody can forget the sweet weerdo who bounsed on an exrsize ball during owr sessns. i myslf have a small rownd buddie i need to hold. fr comfrt. its teknicly a 20 questns toy. but for me, its Buddy. anyway Buddy was in my purse whispering on owr way to her offise 'psssst! do not mentn me! she will take me away an stik me in a drawr! an yuo wil nevr find anothr buddy! ".........we walk in, shake hands, she gos to her 'seat' aftr showing me wher to sit. a chare. she continud bownsing slowly as she tiped. Buddy whisperd, whew. nothng to wory abowt. she has one of her own. wate. how fuckd up dos she have to be to have a buddy THAT size?


i am deep in survivl gilt. im in gilt for my problms tthat i cant help but cant fix. i need this. and havnt had a good try at it. i need a psych to wrrk wth a neuro to deel wth the ungodly amt of meds i'm on .

so pleez. do what you do. pray, send positiv enrgy, create a cyrcl, whatevr. i need it thru this prosess. and aftr i get the appt, i gota get thru it with no stupid joke cracking. yuo have no idea how diffclt this is! ah well. dosnt help that im an aquarius. we dont NEED help. dammit. *rolling my eyes*

Welp, Artist Spotlite! Yes yuo have seen her befor. Shes a great frend and my fave jewel artist. Kathy Fry of SilverBeachSeaGlass

Lets peek in, shall we?

Maiden Voyage the Orignl Splendor, truly unique shape $132.00 w./$2shipping

hammerd detailing and uniqu use of pottery and glass from the ocean $36 w/$2shipping

i LOVE anklets, and this can be a braselet too! just ask! $42.00 w/$2

Irish Love $29, w/$2

 You can see her love of her craft thru it. It hums with vibransy.

now MY TURN!

 Drummer At the RONG GIG! if yuo have alredy seen this, skip it. but boy id it funny! let it get warmd up. and wach the crazyest thing sinse pre-made peenut butter an jelly sanwiches.

LOVE TIGERS! and this is silly. $20 w/free shippng in USA and Canada

Rails, I'm in love with them. $20 w/free shipping USA and Canada

8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35

8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $35, 20% goes to LRF


10% alll net profits go to support charitys listed in my profiles page. Check me owt!

Thanks for sharing me in a cup of coffee! Make it a grate day!