Monday, June 27, 2011

"She married a music man....."

"pretty eyes
pirate smile
ya married a music man"

Those lyrics have alwas ben my core. and in 2004, the last came true in life, not just in my soul. Music has alwas reverbratd thru me, but nevr more so tthan when i startd losing my hearing after cancer. It had alredy taken so mcch, that this was abslutly not aceptbl. I tryd to adapt. ignor. laff it off. peopl arownd me driftd away and i felt like i was on my own iland all alone in a sea of people. evn loved ones wer steps away from me. i codnt hear them and it was diffclt for them to acomdate me. i became a master of lip reeding. but this only helpd a tiny part of th problm. my startl reflex was unbleevabl. and my hart is not in awsom shape. so i constntly was in fear of smbdy coming up behind me. i began to make exuses to not leev the house. whch straned relashnships til some broke. i got to wher using the fone was almost laffable. almost. insted it was a sorse of humilashn. so i wod not ansr it. pushng myslf evn frrthr from the 'real world'. my mick, my familiar, my dog became my soul. i depended on him to alert me to evrythng. and he is amazng.
ther is 1 insident. tthat was the trrning point.
owr boys wer over and telling a story. i askd 'what?' in a plase wher i codnt read lips, to my husbnd. insted of ansring me, he lookd at mike, owr boy, and sed she needs hearing aids. we all new this. and my husbnd is the kindest soul on earth. but that was a litening bolt thru my hart.
SO. i spent almost $6,000. and tthat is a discountd prise. for a set of 'only in europe' cadilac-style evry bell and wistl hearing aids avalabl.
my doctr is lerning to use them rite along with me so he can sell thees reglrly. i'm the prototype.
and my world is sersly rockd.

I new i alwas had a hearing problm. but I didnt no how bad it was.
I hear things I dont undrstand what thay are. and somtims its fritening. But this week, owr boys took us out for a late father's day dinner. and I herd evry singl word spoken. and got evry singl joke. and.........

got my pirate smile back.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Auction Item--Paul Wortman~Chandelier Dream Catcher

Hand crafted by native Montanan artistan and poet Paul Wortman, this chandelier dream catcher defies words. I am happy to own one of his creations and honord to have his craft in owr auction. This meticulus dream catcher is infinite in detales, eye catchng beads and love pored into it. It comes with the poem, "Heers To Hope" , pennd by Paul himself , framed for your wall.

His copyrighted poem follows.....

Bidding on this item is OPEN!

NEW AUCTION ITEM! $25 Gift Sert By Always Greener

Wendy Bernstein of Always Greener is offering a $25 gift sert to her uber-chic shop!
A reminder how the gift serts work, you do not bid on them. you simply put yuor name down and add your fave thing in the shope owner's store. open to evrybdy! so get yuor name in!

In her own words, I was always the kid with the dried glue on her hands; the one who got poked by a wayward sewing needle while rummaging through her bookbag for a lost assignment. Things haven't changed much over the years---now I'm the carpool mom who keeps a stash of beads and wire in the diaper bag "just in case." I fit my crafting in around the busy schedule of our family of 8, and relish the me-time it carves out. 

I 'speshly love 1 of her items, the spoon pendant it reminds me of The Spoon Theory, by Christine Miserandino.

Item to put your name for is a $25 gift sert. Comment heer with your name and your fave thing in her store! we will random draw! this is open to evrybody so get your name down! dont miss owt!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Auction Item--6 Pack of Assorted Votive Candles from Clare Corcoran of Mylana

Clare has donated an assortment of candles from her Etsy shop Mylana.  Some words from Clare about her creations: 

"Eclectic, bright, and unusual are the key words I would use to describe my shop. I love using interesting colors and texture. Incorporating vintage, secondhand, and found components into my creations is my personal way to help the planet and create affordable items."

Here is an example of what you will be receiving if you win this auction:  

This listing is reserved for a fund raiser. It is 6 surprise votives from inventory. These candles 
are handmade by me and burn for 15-20 hours in a tight fitting container.

You may begin bidding!

Auction Item-Beautiful Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Earrings from Amanda Piver of Shiny Rocks Jewelry!

Amanda Piver's Etsy Shop, Shiny Rocks Jewelry, contains LOVELY sea glass jewelry!  In Amanda's words, "I specialize in sterling silver wire wrapped sea glass found on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. I never use store bought glass, only the genuine treasures we find on our walks along the beaches. Vintage jewelry, shiny rocks and gems also have a special place in my heart & you will find them here in my store. One of my favorite pastimes is learning about the metaphysical properties of stones and gems, so you will find a brief outline of each one I include in my designs in each items description."

Amanda has generously donated this beautiful pair of earrings made especially for our auction!  

These earrings were inspired by tropical black sand beaches and turquoise crashing waves. They feature genuine glowing white sea glass that is accented with teal and mango colored swarovski crystals that sparkle in the sun. They have been lovingly dreamed up and then wire wrapped by me in silver coated copper wire. 

They are approx 2" long and dangle from sterling silver french wire hooks. 

The glass has been drilled and then wire wrapped to make sure the glass stays safe and snug in it's wire cage.

All of my sea glass is genuine and comes from my own collection. These little gems were found along the sandy shores of the Chesapeake Bay of Maryland.

You may now begin bidding on these beauties!

Auction Item--Framed Quote from Colette of Raw Art Letter Press!

Colette's shop,  Raw Art Letter Press is full of "original prints and posters specializing in typography and quotes".  In Colette's own words:  "I live in Mt. Shasta, California, USA I am a self-taught maker of all sorts of things. 
I made up the 'raw art letterpress' process in February of 2009 and started an Etsy shop a few months later. I hand cut all of my plates & every letter with love from recycled materials like bingo cards, playing cards and boxes. If you like the perfection of imperfection, you are in the right place.  I have just started making giclee (archival reproductions) of my original prints as well as original illustrations."

Colette's contribution to our Light the Night auction is this matted quote from Christopher Robin (quite appropriate!) with her own original finale.  (Please note the frame is not included.)

Giclee Print of my original Raw Art Letterpress You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think (and loved more than you know) Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne (the last line is my original addition)

This print is an archival reproduction of my original piece - it is printed on super-matte archival paper with an Epson 3880 professional printer using UltraChrome K3™ technology inks. it is rated to last at least a few lifetimes. The first image is a scanned and cropped detail of the giclee print. 

The inky area of this print is 9x7 and will fit into a frame with an 8x10 mat opening. You will get a signed print. All prints are sold unframed.

Bidding is now open for this matted print!

Auction Item--Copper and Onyx Earrings from Tak Unique Designs!

A beautiful donation from Tak Unique Designs on Etsy!  A description from the shop owner:    "I began handcrafting jewelry about 3 years ago. I love doing it - it is my therapy! I decided to start selling pieces because after a while, I had too much jewelry! I price items as reasonable as I can, just enough to cover my costs. That way I can continue beading and you can have something unique and lovely at a price you can afford!"

This Etsy shop owner has donated this beautiful pair of herringbone weave earrings:

Copper herringbone weave surrounds green faceted glass beads with a faceted black onyx 4mm bead to top it off. The earwires are copper fish hooks with a hidden loop.
Length is approx. 2 1/4 inches including the earwires.

Let the bidding begin!

Auction Item--Bracelet from Christine Smith of Fifth Element Designs!

In Christine Smith's Etsy shop, Fifth Element Design you will find an assortment of, in her words, "Natural Energized Jewelry made with Silver, Wood, Crystals and Gem Stones mixed with a little bit of Reiki healing energy, a sprinkle of Irish and good intentions.  I choose the gemstones I create jewelry with them for their healing and spiritual properties. All of my materials are chosen with intent of the message and aesthetic."  

Christine has generously donated this stunning tiger's eye bracelet! 

This sweet bracelet was created with heart-shaped Tigers Eye made on a stretch beaded cord for comfort and easy on easy off. mixed with Twilight Blue Bohemian Glass, handmade Sterling Silver Hill Tribe tube beads and a Sterling Silver focal bead. This Tigers Eye has a gorgeous blue flash. Made on a stretch beaded cord for comfort and easy on easy off.

These Tiger's Eye gemstones have been cleansed under a full moon and will be charged with positive light and energy before you receive them. 

Tigers Eye: is an excellent grounding stone. Does your mind race from one thought to another? Do you have "Monkey Mind"? Is it hard for you to concentrate, difficult for you to meditate? Use Tiger's Eye to ground yourself. It stills the mind and helps you move deeper into meditation.

If you need to make some changes in your life, this is the stone for you. 

Creates order out of chaos, helping to create harmony in your life and is especially beneficial for anyone seeking peace and calm in their life.

Bidding is now open on this beautiful bracelet!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OK now im nervus. lol

surgicl consult today. to take away the ofending ovary and probly the uturus. i no tons of women do this evry day. its a common proseedr. i'l be fine.

its not th dr i dont fully trust. its my body. i dont trust my body. its let me dwn alot! so if IT cooprates and dos wat it shod, this shod be a peese of cake.
wth fudg ising.

stomak paralsis is th pits too! LOL
SO! heer is me now......

and heer is wt  i wil be aftr th srgry......

i can alredy see th resemblns. *sigh* 42, screechin rownd th cornr to 60.

pleez! keep owr auction in mind! it starts ths weekend! yuo dont want to miss owt on this treasur trove!!!
Donate to Leukemia and Lymphoma society! C'mon! be a HERO!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well we are at leest gettng thngs in line for the auction. as it alwas happns, somthng pops up. I need srgry rathr quikly and probly the revcry period will be a cupl weeks.
heer i was blaming all my pain on my stomak paralsis, a CAT reveels a cyst on my last ovary and needs to come owt owt owt. (othr ovary was taken owt in '05) So I have a srgicl consult tmoro.
ystrday i wrrkd like til my eyes wdnt stay opn at ALL to get all the donashns i no of up and running. we reely need this to suceed. as usul, when ther is politicl cutting social servises are frrst in line.The cutting edge treetment regimen that was used on me was not avalable 5yrs befor. Today? thay have a TABLET that can cross the blood-brain barier. that is HUGE! to reseev intrathecl treetmnt, to get to th spinal fluid, yuo need a tap. or a lumbar punctur. eech time yuo get that treetmnt. cos up to now, if yuor cancer is in yuor brain, radiashn and intrathecl treetment is what is. now thay have a PILL??? sine me up! lol
wate. dont. jus wish it was ther whn i needed.
but my longwinded retarded point is....reserch is panefly needed! treetments are being tested and funded evry day. to get the results tho, thay need the dollars.
thats wher yuo and i come in.

pleez help make ths auction grate.
help me make it grate!

Heer is my Lite the Nite web page, honoring David House.

And heer is kathy's page

Realistcly, i need evry one of yuo. I go for srgcl consult tmoro, and then no clue. but th recovry time wil be a few weeks proly.

so if yuo can, keep putting owr page up as advrtismnt, and mabe ask kathy if thers anthg yuo can do to help if yuor reely ambishss. lol

love my peeps!
thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Make it a grate day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Auction Item--Vik's enchanting braselet

Vikota's shop speeks litrly of her talent. it breeths her.
in her other shop, Lavinias room, yuo will find this simple and all encompassng verse.....

We are a mother, daughter, 
cousin team. We create with our hands, 
our minds, and our souls.
"You must see the invisible
in order to do the impossible"
author- unknown 

That just stirrs my soul, dosnt yours!
Heer is her beutifl offering for owr cause.

an exquisit pearl braselet!
Let the bidding begin!



Ther are 3 ways you can help me.

1.  You can donate an item/servise for me to auction off, undrstanding tthat all proseeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

2.  You can eegerly wate for June 17, when the auction is set to begin, and bid bid bid!

3.  You can give us free advrtisemnt and furthr our caus and effrts by simply posting our link on yuor web page, like facebook, twitter, etc.

OK! How the online auction benefitng the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society will play out!

Starting June 17, Eech donated item will have ther own blog page. It will feature the donated item, and give info on the shop/artist who is giving it. We will give all websites, pages, etc of them so you can get a full vew of who owr genrus gifters are.
At the end of eech rite-up, I will begin the bid . and in the comments will be where the fun will play out! yuo can enter as many times as yuo wish. but yuo will be rsponsibl for eech item yuo bid on.

 The Week of July 11 will be Ultimate Push week, and we will ask all sponsors to max owt promoting. There will be a prize to the SPONSOR who brings the most peeps to the auction that week!

on July 29th, (honoring my dad) at 8pm, The auction will end and we will go thru and get the winners and ther bids!
(this is gona be so so fun!)
Then the sponsors will be notifyd and whn the winners have pade, and the payments have cleard, yuor prizes will be sent to yuo! YAY!


This is how this will play out. this page is your shop, so browse arownd, see what ya like! if yuo see somthing, CLICK ON THER LINK!!! do not comment HEER.
click on ther link, go to ther comments and make a bid!

Our Crowning Jewel! a week stay at Kathy Fry's Puerto Rico Cabin!!! 

 So lovly and perfect, imagin, this sweet get-away, all for donating to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!


beutifl, so pretty

exquisit detale! amazng

 Deb of Cranky Cat Studio is donating $20 gift sert, not to be used for shipping!exampls are.......
OUR darling ;)

snake tote! RITE?!

tutu cute

rok n rollah baby


Vikota's sweet gift to our auction!
pearls to adorn yuo the natural way


Linda Kay Wirick McWhorters delicate lovely gift
the exquist detale to desine is amazng.

Tanya and her beutifl hand painted silk scarf
made espeshly for us! just stunning
it comes redy to give!



 Kathy Fry has a lil somthng for us NOW, and maaaaaabe anothr thng a littl latr!
 Her donation is just lovly!

Linda Nelson has a unique donation! 
what a gorgus pairing!
floral specs are on page

 Heather Raabe's page is all abowt choises!
She is donating 1 glass tile pendant , winner's choise! so its sorta like yuo win twise!

Her desines range from silly to sofisticatd. and thay are all for the choosing!

 Somtimes I have a cool idea and I run with it! 
Check this page if you are in cincinnati and love a cool deal! yuo wont regret it!

me mama as an example, 60yrs yung


In my shop, Through Saras Eyes, you will find evry kind of photograph.
Thats cos evrything is exsiting to me. My passion is photography and I have 1st grouping you gota see to apreciate and bid on. This is for the ones who love sand, sun and ocean!
just a taste!


my eclectic soul betrays me in this 2nd wall grouping!
Its fun, and inspires fun. its got the 'coolness' factor......College age peeps wod love it! chek it owt!

anothr sampling


Teri of Tide Together has a lovly sea glass necklase she has offerd  for owr caus
Its so pretty wth the blue bangls. 


Teri of Tide Together also has genrusly donated 4 sets of $25 goft sertificats!
Now the gift serts will go diffrently, so go to this page and follow the steps. :)


now prepare yuorslf! cos this is big! its so big it has takn ovr th color of ths post! up for grabs is the coveted, 
Pickle Award, the Academy acepts many lauds.
 it also comes with a pickl ornamnt that tels ya all bowt the german tradition of hiding a rancid pickld cuke in ther tree fr a child to lovngly find. ;)

this is a totly legit item up for auction. 


Clare Corcoran of Mylana has donated ths lovly set of 6votivs!  
The colors are just lovly, and yuo can feel good abowt owning her items, as she is a Green-thinkr! keeping the planet's best intrests at hart! now tthats cool.
Lovly wire-rappd sea glass earrings from Amanda Piver!

oh how pretty and dellicate thees look! Thees earrings have ben created just FOR owr auction to benefit the LLS! Thanks Amanda!

Framed Quote from Colette of Raw Art Letter Press is a beuty! 

isnt it! I love this. Affrmashns like this reely stand out, and this is a lovly peese.


Copper&Onyx earrings by Tak Unique Designs are raw, edgy, uber-chic! 
Just take a look at thees gorgus earrings and try NOT to bid! i dare ya!


Braselet from Christine Smith of Fifth Element Designs is brethtaking. 
Its delicasy and lovlyness will hypntize yuo as it did me. what a beutifl peese , proud to have it in our auction.

$25 gift sert from Amy Bernstein OF Always Greener! 
You are going to love her shop! fun fun items to choose from! this is not a bid item. simply put yuor name in and your fave item in her shop.
yep. that eezy.

 Paul Wortman's native Montanan craftsmnship is donated in this largr than life chandelier dream catcher
You truly have to see this to beleev it. Ther are no words to describe it.  It comes with his copyrighted framed poem, "Heers To Hope"

PragmaticEffects of Etsy has genrusly donated this unique time peese! 
Dont let this crazy-cool item pass yuo by! Get your bid in!
 Jesse and Liz Finkelstein have donated a stunning set of custom fine art cards
This is a stellar shot of a sunset rite at 'magic hour'. Mr Jesse Finkelstein is the photographer. the energy in this print is electrifyng.

Stunning Silk Scarf by Maria of SingingScarves on etsy! 
This amazing beuty is shur to pleez, as a gift or as a keeper for yourself. I wod be hard pressed to part with it!

Lovly Vintage Afghan by Susan Rydell Fischer of SimplySuzula on etsy! 
Just look at the sweet colors of this beuty! Dont let this pass you up!

More items to come! keep chekng back! and BID BID BID! C'mon! be a HERO! Help us stomp owt Leukemia and Lymphoma!  

Auction Item--Sara's 1st Group Setting

Hanging photos on the wall is an evryday thing. But getting the PUNCH of a group that actuly grabs at your attetn and just relaxes yuo for a few moments..........THATS priceless.
how to get that?
Grouping. and diffrent sizing.

and heer is a group sized just rite to pack a stellar punch!


Have the Large one, and hang both others on 1 side atop one anothr.
or have them flank the large one. or You have yet anothr awsom idea.

You will have an instant vacay to Myrtle Beach whenevr yuo need afew moments!

Let The Bidding begin!