Monday, June 27, 2011

"She married a music man....."

"pretty eyes
pirate smile
ya married a music man"

Those lyrics have alwas ben my core. and in 2004, the last came true in life, not just in my soul. Music has alwas reverbratd thru me, but nevr more so tthan when i startd losing my hearing after cancer. It had alredy taken so mcch, that this was abslutly not aceptbl. I tryd to adapt. ignor. laff it off. peopl arownd me driftd away and i felt like i was on my own iland all alone in a sea of people. evn loved ones wer steps away from me. i codnt hear them and it was diffclt for them to acomdate me. i became a master of lip reeding. but this only helpd a tiny part of th problm. my startl reflex was unbleevabl. and my hart is not in awsom shape. so i constntly was in fear of smbdy coming up behind me. i began to make exuses to not leev the house. whch straned relashnships til some broke. i got to wher using the fone was almost laffable. almost. insted it was a sorse of humilashn. so i wod not ansr it. pushng myslf evn frrthr from the 'real world'. my mick, my familiar, my dog became my soul. i depended on him to alert me to evrythng. and he is amazng.
ther is 1 insident. tthat was the trrning point.
owr boys wer over and telling a story. i askd 'what?' in a plase wher i codnt read lips, to my husbnd. insted of ansring me, he lookd at mike, owr boy, and sed she needs hearing aids. we all new this. and my husbnd is the kindest soul on earth. but that was a litening bolt thru my hart.
SO. i spent almost $6,000. and tthat is a discountd prise. for a set of 'only in europe' cadilac-style evry bell and wistl hearing aids avalabl.
my doctr is lerning to use them rite along with me so he can sell thees reglrly. i'm the prototype.
and my world is sersly rockd.

I new i alwas had a hearing problm. but I didnt no how bad it was.
I hear things I dont undrstand what thay are. and somtims its fritening. But this week, owr boys took us out for a late father's day dinner. and I herd evry singl word spoken. and got evry singl joke. and.........

got my pirate smile back.


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! Wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. Oh, Sis, I'm jumping up and down with you! This is the most totally COOL thing I've ever heard!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Now the cool thing is, when you get sick of listening to someone, you can literally tune this out.

    I am so happy for you!

  3. So now I can send you some of my music...