Monday, June 13, 2011

Auction Item--Linda Nelson's donation page!

Linda is so talented in florals!
oh what a beutiful offering!!! how lovely and perfct and my favrit colors! lol

in her own words: About 26 years ago, while our new house was being built, my husband, our dog Lefty and I lived temporarily in a little country church that we had acquired when we purchased our land. During those months, as we watched the construction of our dream home, we made the most of our humble abode. It was during that time that I occasionally saw a tiny furry friend skitter under the sink or try to get in out of the cold. It was also the time that Church Mouse Creations was born. Over the years I have created custom stained glass windows, lampshades, jewelry, and sun catchers. I expanded into silk and natural floral items and have shared my creations in boutiques and craft sales. During the past 15 years, I have enjoyed creating custom floral pieces for weddings, anniversaries and other festive occasions. 

OK! lets chek owt what she has donated!!!!
Silk flower bridal bouquet with matching groom's boutonierre set blue and white flowers
This beautiful bridal bouquet was made with light blue hydrangea, blue daisies, and white hyacinth. I have wrapped the stem with white and blue ribbon, secured with pearl pins, and added a bow.
Bouquet measures approximately 8x12 inches.
Groom’s boutonniere was made with blue daisies

Let The Bidding Begin!

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  1. my favrit color! Starting the bid, omg it has daisies! at $5.00! how bout yuo!