Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lets Have SOME FUN!!!!!

OK! Today is th day! Our 1st ever ONLINE AUCTION BEGINS!
And we are redy to PARTAY!!!!!!

lets liven it up wth dansing!
cos it is def time to selebrate!

 step wth me into Lavinia's beutifl shop for all the senses, and just breeth it in Yuo will feel in total harmony. 
She has created this bracelet just for owr auction!
Enter her 2nd shop on etsy and be amazed and humbled by such talent!

Our 1st donor to heed the call, was Don Cheruka donates this elaborat incredibl emu egg done in a filligree pattrn. As you can see frm just ths 1 peese, Don is a selbrated Native American Artist.

Enter Tatiana's lovly garden and yuo see beuty, splendor, and roylty....hand painted silk the likes of which yuo have nevr seen
We are blessd to her for making this lovly item just for us! Armstron has graced us wth a beutifl earringset for breast cancer and we are in debt to her!
You can see the beutifl hammering of the gold and she is so used to making egyptian royalty peeses.

Deborah from Cranky Cat Studios has grashusly given us a $20 gift cert! not twards shipping.
heers a cupl options! stay up-to-date- at the VooDooKitten! and do not frget to chek her owt at her 
 Bonanzle Booth! it is SOOOOO wrrth a look!

From My own littl spot in cyber space, I have 2 gifts! First one, is for locals of cors. I no sitting fee 3-outfit photo shoot!yep! too cool, rite?

my 2nd donation is a gorgus wall hanging of my honeymoon and a beutifl sun and surf for yuo. chek it owt. imagine the 1st in 11x14, 2nd in 8x10, the last in 5x7
11x14 size


Just a lovly sunrise rendition. another example is.....

10x10 painting of rendered photograph

8x8 Red Waves

6x6 tide

Diffrent sizes are yuor way to packing punch  to yuor walls. Wrrks on poters too, which I happn to make. :)

I no tthat Kathy has a necklase that is darling and is wrrking on the mother of all prizes!so keep chekng back!!!!!

So Far, that is what we have on the auction!

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