Monday, June 13, 2011

Auction Item--Sara's Local Bid

ok, my trrn! the 1st is for locals only! so lisen up CINCI PEEPS!!!!Cincinnati has alot to offer, in the way of photographic spots. and I bet you have your favorite!

I'm offering a no-sitting-fee, 3 outfit-change, hour-long photo shoot, which includes editing and the DVD!

That pkg alone is wrrth ovr$100!~AUCTION UP!~

Lets Start Bidding!


  1. this is a random drawing, not a bid. so if yuo are close to cincinnati and this sownds cool to yuo, just put yuor name down and at th end, we will draw randmly. :)

  2. Well I might have to come to Cincy but I'll start this bid at $5!