Monday, June 13, 2011

Auction Item--Kathy Fry, her jewelry donation

and it is stunning. This jewel artist is set above the rest reggarding .....I was going to tipe sea glass, cos that is indeed her main medium. but she is amazing in pottery, gemlike peeses......her hammering of metals and the intracate wrapping lovngly of th stones she chooses for eech wrrk of art makes it just THAT. a work of art.

in Kathy's own words :
"Why would a landlocked midwesterner choose to work with sea glass?" you might ask...well, it all began on a trip to Puerto Rico. My husband and I were walking a beach, doing the usual beachcombing thing, when I spotted some colorful bits of what appeared to be glass amongst the shells and driftwood. I picked them up and brought them home along with my other treasures.

Intrigued by these little gems, I did some research, and discovered that they were indeed glass, pieces of old bottles and jars that had been tossed, scoured, and polished for decades by waves and sand into beautiful, colorful gems. They begged to be made into something lovely, so I began experimenting, wrapping them with sterling silver wire and adorning them with beads.

Since that first trip, we have returned each winter. We love Puerto Rico so much that we bought a small piece of land in the mountains of the southwestern part of the island and built a vacation house there (see our web site at We travel to the island at least twice a year, and on each trip, I make time to return to my favorite beaches to collect the glass I use to make the pieces you see here. All of my jewelry is made with genuine surf tumbled sea glass from the salt waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean.

My Etsy shop is named Silver Beach Sea Glass after my favorite beach on the island of Vieques, off the eastern shore of Puerto Rico. I would love to design a piece especially for you!

Kathy Fry, Silver Beach Sea Glass Artist donates this for owr cause

ohhhhhhhhhh i wana bid on it myself! so wach owt! hehehe


  1. ohhhh i am starting th bid on this at $5.00. and whos gona stop me! bahahahaaha

  2. 15.00 ... beautifully done Kathy.

  3. Oh no you don't... 25.00... who's next??

  4. Me! $35.00! How Gorgeous, really! Sorry to jump in on the fun (not really :)
    love, burtiebee ox