Sunday, June 12, 2011

Auction Item--RON Cheruka's Hand Carved Emu Egg - Brain Coral

Ron is a selebrated native american artist, and one loook at his art attests to this. Eacch peese is uniqu, delicat, lovly, and holds meaning.

in his own words: I have always dabbled in some form of Art, carving, pencil drawing, engraving, scrimshaw, but when I received a modified Dentist drill and they said it was probably gentle enough to carve an egg shell, I had to try. It worked and I was hooked. There is just something about being able to turn an egg into a piece of Art that fascinates me.

Since that first egg, about 30 years ago, I have carved all types of egg shells and in many different styles and designs. I enjoy giving classes and will readily admit that I am still learning. That is what really makes this Art form so fascinating, there is so much to still learn and so many different ways to do things.

Have I ever broken an egg? I can honestly say, no, I have never broken one. I have broken too many to keep track of. That's one thing I never worry about and I believe that is why I can do such delicate work. I never worry about breaking that egg, even if I have many, many hours devoted to it, so I really never stress up. If it breaks, the birds are laying plenty more and I just need to pick one up and start over again.

For our cause, he has grashusly donated this stunning testmnt to his craft.

Let the bidding Start! 


  1. Is there a link to a website for Don Cheruka?

  2. heather, fixd! see! thats why i need my reeders! thanks! :)

  3. I will open this bid at $5.00! Gates are open, peeps! LETS GET BIDDING!