Sunday, June 12, 2011

Auction Item--Juliet Armstrong...Jeweler of Royalty

When yuo cach the gleem of the ancient sun upon hammerd gold yuo relize yuo have steppd into the land of Kings

If you are familr of her art at all, yuo no tthat Egyptian Royals wod have ben perfctly comfrtabl waring her desines. you hear ancent winds blow and evn cach a whiff of heady insense.........

In her own words: When designing my jewelry I consider shape and the texture of my findings, which I believe gives the piece structure. I think of it as building an object; like an architect builds a house or a sculptor sculpts a statue. If you see my jewelry and want to touch it then I know I've succeeded!

I am inspired by Mother Nature and all she has to offer. It's all there in her ever changing trees, her flowers in springtime, bursting with every color imaginable; Her seasonal palates bringing us a constant flow of light and shadow, rich textures and an endless array of colors to work from.

It's through Her grace that I am able to wake each morning, look out my window and see something different and feel something new that I can't always explain through words. All of this is what inspires and motivates my designs. It drives me to create something I can call my own and then I get to share it with you! How great is that?

She has donated for our caus tthees stellar earrings.

Let The Bidding Begin!


  1. I will open this bid at $5.00!
    The gates are open peeps! LETS GO!