Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Google and Me, Best Buds

Acording to the profesy of Jim Gaffigan, yes Google and I are indeed best buds.
just a sample.....
why camping is stupid
But sereusly I have a confessn......yuo mite want to sit down.
Sara Luptowski

have spelling problms.
I NO! i NO! thats a shock to yuo and yuo need time prosessng it.
Wrrse is EVRYBODY tells me ' just use spellchek'......like spelling makes me mently challengd too and I hadnt thot of that amazng posiblty.
Spellchek gives yuo a list of wrrds to choose. OR . it just adds a wrrd in. and if I have to choose, oftn I cant regnize whch wrrd I need. AND. If it adds a wrrd I am tryng to spell, oftn the reslt is hilares. and TOTLY off. 
the best solushn IS INDEED for me to spell foneticly and for yuo to be abl to sownd it owt. (speekng of which? th guy who DID create "Phonics"??????? is freekng going to HELL! its FONICS FRCRYNOWTLOWD!!!! and ...oh nevr mind)

NOW. Google? somehow nos what I'm tryng to say. And I have to thnk, YES Google! That IS what I wantd! How did Yuo NO! Oh Google yuo make me feel so speshl. Yuo just no what I'm thinkng. Like yuo reely 'get' me. Yuo reely take th time to no me. I thnk I have a crush on yuo Google. *battng my eyelashs at the monitr*

Now tthat I'v totly wastd yuor time, Today is the giveaway being hosted by Polina of KoTriangle!
and I honstly cannot wate to see who won. I'm very exsited. It has ben alot of fun and I hope yuo have enjoyd her blog.

Tomorow is the last day of entry on MY OWN giveaway! so clicky clicky! TickTock! Check out ystrday's blog on detales of how the giveaway will take plase. 


I have come across some amazing native talent and want tto showcase some of it. CloudBurst etsy shop is just succh a shop tthat id like to offer.  
Craftmnship and talent is obveus and the jewlry displayd is stunning. Take a look, the child braselets are espeshly lovly.
$48 wth $5 shipping, isnt this beutifl?

The child braselets are $15 with $2.50 shipping. and I LOVE thees!

anothr child braselet, lovly

another sweet child peese

This is an incredibl peese, as the pin wheel can be removd and the necklas can be worn alone. $85 with $7.50 shipping

Another incredibly talented native artist is Beadacious1221, and ther are some lovly uniqu items heer.
Lets take a look.
$92 and free shipping, this is gorgus

STUNNING $115 and free shipping

HAD to include this, the christmasy $55, free shipping

I love the detale! $77, free shipping

$137, free shipping and this is gorgus
I have sevrl othrs that i will wrrk in. I'm running way behind today! So thank yuo for sharing an aftrnoon coke with me! Have a grate evning!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Swing for the Wall!

Cyber Monday. Heer we are, in 11am hour, and we are all gettng finger cramps, promoting, begging, and tryng to get frends to assist promoting. No holds barred. Balls to the wall. Let the games begin.

I'v prepared fr tday with a promo code, BLACKFRIDAYDEAL 25% off any order, offering free shipping, and AND my BOGO. Buy one get one free! This is an awesome way to bild your  own wall grouping. Think 1 11x14, a cup 8x10s, and a 5x7 to complete the look. I will assist yuo and will ALWAS give a discount for wall groupings. and gettng my christmas card offers up too. So I'm swingin for the wall, throwin the Hail Mary, and goin for the game win 3-point.

As we all are, heer in cybercrazyland.

A small note about my giveaway, coming up and how it will resolv. At midnite Dec 1, all bets are off, the time on comments will cut off entrys. I will set up the giveaway. To randomize it, I will get evrybody's names and give yuo numbrs, those of yuo who did the 2-steps will get 2 numbers. I will use Random.org to pull the winning number.

I'm totly being selfish today! We are all allowd. I was featured in a blog! *much clappng and lauds* Photogrunt included my pic, Tranquility, in his choises and i'm very prowd. I get to use a badge, and want to figur out how to add it permntly. but heer it is in all its coolness.
sereusly cool. and pleez chek out his blog.

OK! WORKY WORKY! all my stuff. Keep in mind, these are awsome prints, but are avalable as card sets too.

THIS photograph was featured in the fashion e-magazine, VivaLaModa! Go to the Past Issues, January 2010 issue #7 I'm on page 13, check it out!

one of my most popular

Limited editions, all are numberd

beautifl cards

beautifl cards
and like i sed earlyr......rite now, there is alwas a deal to be had!
Thank yuo for sharing some morning coffee with me. Have a grate day!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Its November 28!? WHere the sam-hell went SEPTEMBER???

Ok ok. so i tend to think in tthe abstract as far as "Time". I'm an aquarius, I'm entitled to. But.....DAY-UM. sersly???
I no i've ben in total denial, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. This cozy robe I'v ben waring for 3 strate days. Yuo no, take a showr, put new pjs on, put robe back on. Yuo no, rite? rite?
I LOVE shopping. Dont get me rong. I love SELLING even more. so let me shamelessly beg at this particlr point, stop in and take a look at the world Through MY Eyes.....I will help yuo find a most exsellent gift set AND rite now, yes even I have a coupon code....yeh, i no, i broke....its BLACKFRIDAYDEAL 25% off any order, or yuo can do my BOGO sale. Buy 1 print and get 1 print free, an eezy cool way to bild a wall grouping.
OK, back to denial. I have 2 favrit ways to Christmas shop. If I DO go owt, I dont want to be wth ......ahem......how to delicatly put this........a growch who is just going to yell 'hurry up!'. ther. thats prety aquarian delicat. I want to SHOP. for PEEPL. mabe have lunch. and buy rappng paper and ribbon and booze so whn i go home, i can use all 3 of those at my leesur.
I like to stay in my comfy pj/robe ensamb and etsy/amazon/ebay all my lovly shoppng needs, and tthen just go up th street for rappng paper, ribbon and booze. so i can drink booze and wate for my pakages to arive and rap them.......and mabe get mor booze if needed. this sowns like im an alky. im not. but SOMEBODY got me adictd to th french orange liquer Grand Marnier. so. now i want tthat frm nov-dec. and if ther is any way posibl? i wil get that down!

I love bags. All kinds. Purses, clutchs, totes, heck i love the free-or-99cent-bags yuo get for yuor grosrys now. but heer is JaynaUmeda's shop with some lovely bags to choose from.
My absolut FAVRIT! $49, $9shipping

Gorgus, $57, $9shipping

Stuning Red $59, $9 shipping

These bags are made to LAST, so feel confdent in gifting!

OMG this next shop is UBER-COOLNESS! MaverickJune's shop is chock full of gifts! Its a pillow shop that LITRLY has somethng for evrybody. Check it out!
Peace OUT

Rock ON! (also I Love You in ASL)


An example of sevrl others
The prices range from $40-$75, but take a look at the materials used and yuo will feel good abowt being SO GREEN! ~ The pillow consists of felt made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles, a polyester zipper, 100% cotton thread, and a poly-fil, non-allergenic pillow insert.
Cool, eh?

Welp, thanks for sharing a morning cup of coffee with me. Have a grate day!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Do I dare?

Well, I'v been 'out of it' most of the day,having takn a spill this morning owtside. my nee and butt took the damag. my nee hrrts but my butt has natrl padding so its ok.

but HEER is my BLACK FRIDAY promo code, heldovr due to my retardnss. and clumsness. and dont send any hate mail cos i sed retard. i was refering to my own brain damag and if yuo are IN THE CLUB yuo are alowd to make jokes.........hm.......so i OWN all th jokes being a blond brain damagd polock! HA!
oh yeh, promo code. "BLACKFRIDAYDEAL" will save yuo 25% off any order. and sinse my prises are rock bottm ANYHOO, thats a steel.

ALSO dont forget my BOGO! Buy one get one free! This is an awesome way to bild your  own wall grouping! Think 1 11x14, a cup 8x10s, and a 5x7 to complete the look. I will assist yuo and will ALWAS give a discount for wall groupings!

AND dont forget those christmas cards! Its not too late to get your own personalized!

This is also the final week for those giveaways! so get yuor butt in geer, if yuo alrdy havent, click heer, and comment THER "GIVEAWAY!" that will give yuo 1 entry! if yuo care to have 2 entrys, then click HEER for my facebook fan page and click "LIKE" on it and THEN click back on HEER, which is th same as the 1st link and comment agen "FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY!"  and that will give yuo 2 entrys!
Giveaway ends Dec 1, 6pm and ther will be 1 random reader.
The winner will be able to go to my etsy shop and pick any 4 8x10 prints thay like, any at all, mix and match all ya want!
Hog Crossing

Ballerina rendered in 3 mediums

Little Christmas Puppy

I am also being for a giveaway on Polina of Kotriangle on her blog for a giveaway so pleez hop ovr to her page and check it out! fun and eezy!
That giveaway ends Nov 30, with 1 winner and that winner will receive ther choice of 1 8x10, any in th store, or an 8card holiday set.

Well, WORKY WORKY! I got some good ones!
yuor gona LOVE this! Yuo no how I love designers. Reconsumed is a shop yuo won't find much personal info on, like who the designer IS, but yuo WILL fall in love with these clothes! OMG
Just LOOK at how yummy thees uber-chic wearabls are! and rite now, NO SHIPPING!
Sale prise $40.50, made to order!

yuo HAVE to go to the shop to see how gorgus this is! $56.25. MADE to ORDER!

I persnly want this undr my tree! $60 and look at the detale

THIS is actuly what sedusd me into th store! LOL

All gorgus. This is a dimond in tthe ruff shop!

Now this next peep brings some surprises. The artist of Jesse Draper Studio  began in oils at age 11. and wow, has he grown up! check some of his gifts to us!
5x7 $5 print

Is this what he sees when he sees a woman waring reptile style shoes? 5x7 $5 print

this is th 1st one i saw and spit my coke rite owt all ovr, $5 5x7 print

Now tell me yuo dont have that speshl sombdy on yuor list that thees are PERFCT for. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
His wife has an etsy store as well! Heer is Petticoat Commando!

welp , thanks for sharing yuor evning marti-nooni wth me! Have a grate evning!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who Ya Meet, Walkn Down Da Street

We all got owr jorny. We all walk a path. Some tend to look at others' roads and think 'boy if i had THAT road, it wod be so mcch eezyr!'......while others seem to have mountens in ther paths and just ride ther bike ovr it and go 'WHEEEEEEEEE!' all th way down th othr side.
As alwas, ther are 2 ways of lookng at it. Eether yuo think the path defines YUO, as in the 1st person, or yuo think YUO define that path, as th 2nd person.
Im not sayng yuor not s'pose to have a pity party now and agen....heck, im a party host!
I AM sayng tthat yuo FIND WHAT YUO SEEK. my frends hav herd this, but I thot I'd put it heer.....for all yuo new peeps. *grin*
If yuo sware the universe keeps f*cking wth yuo, then mabe yuo shod stop f*cking arownd.
Just think bowt that a sec.
Evn thru th worst times of yuor life, wth the storm screeming and th wind blowing so badly yuo cannot see arownd yuo.......if yuo SEEK Hope, yuo will find it. if yuo seek dispare, alas yuo will indeed find it.
As yuo walk, slow down and look at the fases yuo encounter. practis this evry day. If yuo do this, yuo will lern a valubl lessn tthat will carry yuo thru. Yuo will lern WHO thees peepl are. Yuo will regnize "Readers"....those souls yuo cant be casual wth, saying 'oh im fine, how are yuo?' thay no yuor fibbing and let yuo no. We are all blessd by the Readers in owr lives. Yuo will find fellow-seekers, who just want to find ....some nice-ness while we are heer.
me? i'v fownd myslf the unhapy task of the Gate Keeper. i mite talk abowt tthat somtime.

but fr now?
WORKY WORKY!!! ohhhh lets SHOP! YAY!
This jewelry artisan is incredibl , Jewelry and Gems on Etsy , and honstly I dont evn no HOW to choose a few faves to show! But I'l try!

$43. thats rite! $43! i NO im brain damagd but I checkd it twise!

$18 dollars and this is YUORS! stop arguing! i DID look!

this amazing unique item gos for $55! and $3 shipping! GET OUT!

$49, i no! rite??
Uniqu signatur style, prises that are incredibly afordabl, yuo cant let this shop get away!

DISCLAMER! To vew this next etsy shop, take a step away frm yuor monitr and grab a cupl napkins fr drool mishaps.

Enter with me if yuo will, into th sticky sweetnss tthat IS Jeannettes Patisserie 
$8.50 gets yuo 6 of thees over-genrus Organic Kolachky cookies with Real Fruit filling 2 and a haf inch delectos to shove rite in yuor fase. i promis. i wont tell.

$8.25 for 6 yummy Organic Spice Carmelized Apple Sandwich Cookies

Our delicious moist Organic Chocolate Espresso Brownies, $10.50 gets 6 squares approximately 3in.x 2in.
 Now TELL ME i did ya good this mornin! *wink*

and heer is my  daly shameless begging for yuo to get in on my giveaway! eezy peezy! click heer!  
then "follow" my blog and comment "giveaway" for 1 entry.
for a 2nd entry, click heer for my facebook fan page and click "LIKE" 
then go back to this same link as the 1st one, click heer  
and comment agen, "facebook giveaway!" ther. thats how yuo enter my giveaway! 
PRIZE is any 4 prints in my shop heer on etsy 8x10size, lustre paper, that yuo want. mix and match to yuor harts delite!

I am being hosted for a giveaway on  Polina of KoTriangle's etsy shop
So pleez join her blog and reed how to join! :)

I do thank yuo for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Have a grate day.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Walkin Da Dog

Rolling Stones Walkin Tha Dog~iLike on Myspace Music

Me and Mick. Our mornings tgethr. priceless. hes still puppy tho he is ruffly 75pnds and 3yrs old.  And as yuo can see, he has dignity. *snort* As we go merryly along owr way, we encountr lots of amazng things.
Now I no, wthowt dout, tthat my blog changs th world. *wink* so your daly life will be forevr alterd by what I am abowt to impart to yuo.......ESPESHLY this close to a food holiday. This morning, on owr adventr, my hoovr-vacume, clue-sniffn, crime-solvng, body-finding, drug-locatng, treet-findng-wthin-500mileradius, dog walkd rite by this contaner tthat was FILLD wth spageti and MEETBALLS.

STILL cant beleev he walkd rite by it, and did not evn paus. so ther ya go. an absolut free product plug. LOL

This is the holiday evrybody ses thay love cos it is gift-less. its all abowt giving thanks. so whacha thankfl for? whats on your mind?
are you goin OUT on Black Friday? or is it an ONLINE extravganza for you? You codn't PAY me to go owt. wel.........ok, yuo cod give me a free iPad and I wod go owt. Now that we no I'm a whore, we'r just dickering price, rite?

Worky Worky!!
OK! yuo are going to FLIP when you see Vintage Cowboyboots on Etsy.
YES! yuo see RITE! these are Lennons, $59.99!

Snakes, $109.99

Denim lovers $79.99
Free shipping in the USA. EH!! love it.

Now this is a diffrent kinda decorating. The care and time and dedicashn it takes to produse 1 of these amazing works of art is stunning. Lets slip into 1eggman's etsy shop and have a look arownd.

HOW can yuo describe the artistry that gos into this? If you find words, let me no. Cos it leevs me brethless.

OK! Time is running out on my giveaway!!! Click heer! Then comment 'giveaway!" for 1 entry! for a 2nd entry, go to my facebook fan page and "LIKE" it then come back heer and comment 'facebook giveaway!'
Prize is 4 prints of reader's choise in 8x10 lustre. Any 4 prints in my shop that yuo like! mix and match to yuor harts delite!

Anothr giveaway of mine is being hosted by Polina of KoTriangle! so pleez reed her blog to enter

heer are a few possibl choises for yuo in my shop!

Well, thanks for sharing a coke with me! Have a grate day!