Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blended Holidays

Onse upon a time, a girl wth 2 kids met a guy wth 3 kids. online. in a yahoo chat room. talkn bowt basketball. his 1st line to me was "got kids?"
The rest is a whole lot more tthan histry! thees kids went thru puberty tgethr becos of ther age closeness. (mch mor closer tthan me and tom, by age, *snort snigger) so we date fr 2yrs......mind yuo, i'm fiting cancer at th time so try tto imagin dating like THAT....but tthats wht we do. and then we get marryd, and atempt to blend this psycotic famly. And thay aallllllllll go thru puberty tgethr.

Our holidays begin wth August brrthdays, actuly. 2. 2 august birrthdays. then October. 1. then November. 1. and December. was 1. now wth the addishn of owr frrst grandson, 2.
to try to make brrthdays a big freekn deel, whch my kids wr used to, we intro'd th brrthday supper. that quickly got owt of hand and has only resntly came bak due to toms insistns last summer. LOL thay all had amazng rquests. whch was fun! and we enjoyed evry sngl one! Mike's fave seemd to be homeade beef stew in thees bred bowls i made, and perogys. whn she ws yunger, Maddie wanted all mexicn. Amanda lovd Genrl Tso chicken but truth be told she wantd th take out. and we just codnt aford fr th whol fam. Danny bownsed from BBQ ribs and pulld BBQ pork. and Donnie ws probly eezyst he wantd his sister Amanda to make chef boyardee pizzas.
so what ws th problm yuo ask? we wr makng thees  meels on a stove wth 1 wrrking burner!!! heers an exampl, ths is thanksgiving dinner. now mind yuo ths is not the apetizr table OR th desserts. 1 oven, 1 burner.
mmmThanksgivng done rite
We loved to cook. just wod have givn haf owr kingdm fr a kichen makeovr! lol

bak then, when all th kids hated eechothr and us, I just wantd to get them rased safe and somehow all wanting to come back. Owr famly partys are still epic. we eet.(see above) we crank the music. we danse. we selebrate.


Dat be LOVE ya seein
evry famly get-tgether. *smile*

OK! now to work! The real holidays arre heer, evrybody is redy or gettin, rite? *wink* Just to let ya no, ther are alot of print groups in my shop tthat wod look uber-cool as gifts. Whats cool is tto mix and mach the sizes, and we can do that. just contact me or leeve a note.
My holiday sale is BOGO. I thot it is so cool with shoes tthat i shod do it. SO it works wth singl prints, buy 1 get 1 for free. so click away thru the shop, choose the 2 or 4 or whatevr yuo like, and convo me so I can set up a reserve item for yuo with the speshl prise! I have ben including extra free prints in orders also. Just tokens of apreshashn, so be shur that you will def get your money's worth.

AND!!! I have figurd out how to expand to internat'l shipping! but time is of th essens on that. so keep tthat in mind.

I have 2 giveaways going on and want yuo all to be shur to be included!
MY OWN giveaway is heer, and is super eezy to join. 1 step for 1 entry. 2 steps for 2 entrys! ~
This one ends Dec 1.

My giveaway with Polina of KoTriangle! This is her blog so reed carefly but its eezy too!
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ok! i'l post my today shops in a bit! go grab some coffee!

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