Friday, November 26, 2010

Do I dare?

Well, I'v been 'out of it' most of the day,having takn a spill this morning owtside. my nee and butt took the damag. my nee hrrts but my butt has natrl padding so its ok.

but HEER is my BLACK FRIDAY promo code, heldovr due to my retardnss. and clumsness. and dont send any hate mail cos i sed retard. i was refering to my own brain damag and if yuo are IN THE CLUB yuo are alowd to make i OWN all th jokes being a blond brain damagd polock! HA!
oh yeh, promo code. "BLACKFRIDAYDEAL" will save yuo 25% off any order. and sinse my prises are rock bottm ANYHOO, thats a steel.

ALSO dont forget my BOGO! Buy one get one free! This is an awesome way to bild your  own wall grouping! Think 1 11x14, a cup 8x10s, and a 5x7 to complete the look. I will assist yuo and will ALWAS give a discount for wall groupings!

AND dont forget those christmas cards! Its not too late to get your own personalized!

This is also the final week for those giveaways! so get yuor butt in geer, if yuo alrdy havent, click heer, and comment THER "GIVEAWAY!" that will give yuo 1 entry! if yuo care to have 2 entrys, then click HEER for my facebook fan page and click "LIKE" on it and THEN click back on HEER, which is th same as the 1st link and comment agen "FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY!"  and that will give yuo 2 entrys!
Giveaway ends Dec 1, 6pm and ther will be 1 random reader.
The winner will be able to go to my etsy shop and pick any 4 8x10 prints thay like, any at all, mix and match all ya want!
Hog Crossing

Ballerina rendered in 3 mediums

Little Christmas Puppy

I am also being for a giveaway on Polina of Kotriangle on her blog for a giveaway so pleez hop ovr to her page and check it out! fun and eezy!
That giveaway ends Nov 30, with 1 winner and that winner will receive ther choice of 1 8x10, any in th store, or an 8card holiday set.

Well, WORKY WORKY! I got some good ones!
yuor gona LOVE this! Yuo no how I love designers. Reconsumed is a shop yuo won't find much personal info on, like who the designer IS, but yuo WILL fall in love with these clothes! OMG
Just LOOK at how yummy thees uber-chic wearabls are! and rite now, NO SHIPPING!
Sale prise $40.50, made to order!

yuo HAVE to go to the shop to see how gorgus this is! $56.25. MADE to ORDER!

I persnly want this undr my tree! $60 and look at the detale

THIS is actuly what sedusd me into th store! LOL

All gorgus. This is a dimond in tthe ruff shop!

Now this next peep brings some surprises. The artist of Jesse Draper Studio  began in oils at age 11. and wow, has he grown up! check some of his gifts to us!
5x7 $5 print

Is this what he sees when he sees a woman waring reptile style shoes? 5x7 $5 print

this is th 1st one i saw and spit my coke rite owt all ovr, $5 5x7 print

Now tell me yuo dont have that speshl sombdy on yuor list that thees are PERFCT for. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
His wife has an etsy store as well! Heer is Petticoat Commando!

welp , thanks for sharing yuor evning marti-nooni wth me! Have a grate evning!


  1. I'm so sorry you took a spill...I hope you're okay!!!

  2. it prety mcch terifyd me. aside frm hrrtng my nee, and i thot mick, tho hes fine.....its going to be vry diffclt to get bak on th horse, so to speek. i ws jus laying ther. helpless. i was just terfyd.