Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Your Holidays~What Yuo Make 'Em!

We heer so many peepl describe the holiday seeson. "Oh the shopping is nuts", "my shopping is all online, so its grate!" to "its ttoo commershl!" .......

Doncha just hate tthat? or is it just me?

I love seeing the decorashns. I dont care if its august! I want my tree up by Thanksgiving if i can swing it. (not ths year boohoo, Im gettng a livng room upgrade! bahahaha) I love being soked in the holidays. I want th howse to smell like nutmeg and cloves. I want to heer bells (i'm prety deaf so evrybdy ELS is annoyd bahahahaha) and christmas music on. I want candy canes at my fingrtips. I want glittr and presents evrywher.
and rappng gifts is a sacred rite for me. heers wht i do.
I put on christmas music. i have all my tools, sissors, tape, tons of paper tto choos frm, lodes of ribbn to tie and shred, my presents look like tthay came from Santa's shop. tthay ar a wrrk of art. I like to sip Grand Marnier while doing it. now whn my kids wr small, i codnt EVR aford tthat! lol but now? yepadoodl! give me dat french orange liqur! and anothr pleez!

i love to see th kids' fase, evn at ther ages now, get big smiles whn thay come in th howse. thay gaze arownd and tthen hed strate fr th kichen fr whatevr treets hapn to be on th tabl. i alrdy showd yuo how we party and we do party frm tthanksgivng (or august brrthdays!) to Jan 1.......actuly we have a jan brthday and a feb brrthday soooo.........we party til then! bahahahahahah

none of ths is commershl. evn th gifts. th kids all get a secret santa name at thanksgiving. and thay enjoy it. on christmas day thay take trrns opning ther secret santa gift, and get 'reveeld' and thay truly LIKE it. and its grate to see.

The holidays are what yuo make it. so if yuo happn to run acros a whiner, start singng jingle bells. and let them no, if yuo dont like it, CHANG it. butt head. BAHAHAHAHAHA
ok, mabe dont add the butt head. tthats not vry christmassy. but it IS funny.

OK! worky!
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OK! todays fave shops! Angry Weather Shop
This is not christmassy but I'm talking very cool GIFTS. I love how edgy and uber-chic this jewelry is. For the urban girl in your life, this is the go-to! Pricing starts at $30, so it is do-able!

I am SO IN LOVE with this artist! Vickie Wade Fine Art
THIS is my absolut favrit

Her signatur style capturs my senses and I feel evry brushstroke. Her art is avalabl on prints and tthat keeps it afordabl for poor peepl like me. *grin*

There you have today's faves. Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee with me. Have a grate day.


  1. Thanks so much Sara!!! so happy to be featured on your blog!!
    I love christmas, too and gift wrapping is just so cool! And i don't see gift giving as commercialism either. Maybe it is but i love to share with my loved ones and put a smile on their faces when they open a present! i think that's priceless :)
    Have a happy holiday season!

  2. Sweet Sara, How absolutely precious of you to include my art with your special words today! Thank you so much for your amazing kindness and generous spirit! Much joy! ~~Vickie

  3. You're making me smile Sarah :>) I think you are a very wise woman :>) Hugs, Lisa