Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who Ya Meet, Walkn Down Da Street

We all got owr jorny. We all walk a path. Some tend to look at others' roads and think 'boy if i had THAT road, it wod be so mcch eezyr!'......while others seem to have mountens in ther paths and just ride ther bike ovr it and go 'WHEEEEEEEEE!' all th way down th othr side.
As alwas, ther are 2 ways of lookng at it. Eether yuo think the path defines YUO, as in the 1st person, or yuo think YUO define that path, as th 2nd person.
Im not sayng yuor not s'pose to have a pity party now and agen....heck, im a party host!
I AM sayng tthat yuo FIND WHAT YUO SEEK. my frends hav herd this, but I thot I'd put it heer.....for all yuo new peeps. *grin*
If yuo sware the universe keeps f*cking wth yuo, then mabe yuo shod stop f*cking arownd.
Just think bowt that a sec.
Evn thru th worst times of yuor life, wth the storm screeming and th wind blowing so badly yuo cannot see arownd yuo.......if yuo SEEK Hope, yuo will find it. if yuo seek dispare, alas yuo will indeed find it.
As yuo walk, slow down and look at the fases yuo encounter. practis this evry day. If yuo do this, yuo will lern a valubl lessn tthat will carry yuo thru. Yuo will lern WHO thees peepl are. Yuo will regnize "Readers"....those souls yuo cant be casual wth, saying 'oh im fine, how are yuo?' thay no yuor fibbing and let yuo no. We are all blessd by the Readers in owr lives. Yuo will find fellow-seekers, who just want to find ....some nice-ness while we are heer.
me? i'v fownd myslf the unhapy task of the Gate Keeper. i mite talk abowt tthat somtime.

but fr now?
WORKY WORKY!!! ohhhh lets SHOP! YAY!
This jewelry artisan is incredibl , Jewelry and Gems on Etsy , and honstly I dont evn no HOW to choose a few faves to show! But I'l try!

$43. thats rite! $43! i NO im brain damagd but I checkd it twise!

$18 dollars and this is YUORS! stop arguing! i DID look!

this amazing unique item gos for $55! and $3 shipping! GET OUT!

$49, i no! rite??
Uniqu signatur style, prises that are incredibly afordabl, yuo cant let this shop get away!

DISCLAMER! To vew this next etsy shop, take a step away frm yuor monitr and grab a cupl napkins fr drool mishaps.

Enter with me if yuo will, into th sticky sweetnss tthat IS Jeannettes Patisserie 
$8.50 gets yuo 6 of thees over-genrus Organic Kolachky cookies with Real Fruit filling 2 and a haf inch delectos to shove rite in yuor fase. i promis. i wont tell.

$8.25 for 6 yummy Organic Spice Carmelized Apple Sandwich Cookies

Our delicious moist Organic Chocolate Espresso Brownies, $10.50 gets 6 squares approximately 3in.x 2in.
 Now TELL ME i did ya good this mornin! *wink*

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I do thank yuo for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Have a grate day.


  1. Those sweet goodies look so good! : )

  2. I dunno Sarah - are you saying we should actually look at people's faces straight on instead of from out of the corners of our eyes? ~ lol ~ Ok, I'll try. But no staring and smacking our lips like at the cookies, right? Hope all went well today - thinking of you :>) Hugs, Lisa and Sky

  3. I agree with a lot of your post, I thought of the old saying, "Misery loves company" although sometimes we attract the bad stuff and we don't know why. It's hard work to be positive all of the time... Need to get on the bike!

    Looking for a napkin now, the cookies look great.

  4. new end, i TOTLY agree wth ya on it being hard wrrk. *boy do i undrstand* but aftr th pity party we gota get up and find th sunshine cos its in th sky and wont pik up owr chin :)
    thanks so so mcch for commentng!!! i apreshate yuo!

    and all of yuo!