Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stunning Christmas Ornaments

I fownd thees on a frend's blog http://juliesbits.blogspot.com/ and ohmygosh! I HAVE to share thees! Thay are keepsake worthy, stunningly gorgus. welp take a look yuorslf!
Arnt thay beutifl?? The etsy shop is rite below the pics. and heer is the othr contact info.

A native american shop has cot my eye in christmas ornaments as well! for your ears!

SweetgrassValley's shop is rich in color and tradishn. You will find the Living Elemnt of Earth in this shop, renderd at itts best.

and last but not leest of this morning's finds.... Ritzy Wreaths
I think I fell for thees cos thay are blue. but thay are so so pretty!

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AND This giveaway! On Polina of KoTriangle's blog, she is hosting this so reed carefuly but it is still an eezy giveaway!

Have a grate day!


  1. what lovely Christmas treasures you have brought us. Have yourself a great day!

  2. Beautiful ornaments Sarah, and so happy you got good news - Yay!