Monday, November 22, 2010

Walkin Da Dog

Rolling Stones Walkin Tha Dog~iLike on Myspace Music

Me and Mick. Our mornings tgethr. priceless. hes still puppy tho he is ruffly 75pnds and 3yrs old.  And as yuo can see, he has dignity. *snort* As we go merryly along owr way, we encountr lots of amazng things.
Now I no, wthowt dout, tthat my blog changs th world. *wink* so your daly life will be forevr alterd by what I am abowt to impart to yuo.......ESPESHLY this close to a food holiday. This morning, on owr adventr, my hoovr-vacume, clue-sniffn, crime-solvng, body-finding, drug-locatng, treet-findng-wthin-500mileradius, dog walkd rite by this contaner tthat was FILLD wth spageti and MEETBALLS.

STILL cant beleev he walkd rite by it, and did not evn paus. so ther ya go. an absolut free product plug. LOL

This is the holiday evrybody ses thay love cos it is gift-less. its all abowt giving thanks. so whacha thankfl for? whats on your mind?
are you goin OUT on Black Friday? or is it an ONLINE extravganza for you? You codn't PAY me to go owt. wel.........ok, yuo cod give me a free iPad and I wod go owt. Now that we no I'm a whore, we'r just dickering price, rite?

Worky Worky!!
OK! yuo are going to FLIP when you see Vintage Cowboyboots on Etsy.
YES! yuo see RITE! these are Lennons, $59.99!

Snakes, $109.99

Denim lovers $79.99
Free shipping in the USA. EH!! love it.

Now this is a diffrent kinda decorating. The care and time and dedicashn it takes to produse 1 of these amazing works of art is stunning. Lets slip into 1eggman's etsy shop and have a look arownd.

HOW can yuo describe the artistry that gos into this? If you find words, let me no. Cos it leevs me brethless.

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Well, thanks for sharing a coke with me! Have a grate day!


  1. I love your blog. You always make me smile

  2. Oh boy Sarah, that Mick of yours literally shines - what a handsome dog! Thanks for sharing him with us and for giving us a peek at these beautiful finds along with your magical photographs.

  3. BackyardNaturePhotosNovember 22, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    Consider your blog bookmarked and totally enjoyed by us all. Mick is some fine looking canine.

  4. Sara , you're a treasure =-)

  5. Wonderful blog feature Sara! Thanks for sharing.

  6. so glad i found this blog - makes me smile, and am inspired by you sara. brightest blessings....

  7. awww hapy hapy joy joy! passng owt hugs and cokes!