Monday, November 8, 2010

ok. REDY. SET. GO!

i'm FINLY going to advrtise this blog. which will be work related. NO LAFFING if yuo no me persnly! I want to start some giveaways, and it seems a blog is a more apropriate plase that facebook alone. I'l do both.
Pleez add my blog to yuor list of 'follows'. *batting eyelashes* I promis to try to be as silly and promotional as possibl.
I'l start with a few Honorabls today.

Silver Beach SeaGlass

There is alot of sea glass out ther. But the signatur style of Artist Kathy Fry sets her shop above th rest. Just take a momnt and look at the hammerd silver and th particulr gems she chooses. Each peese passes thru her fingrs and eyes for carefl inspectn bfor being comittd to a work of art, tthen th prosess begins. Each item is uniqu so when yuo buy, yuo ar sure to have a 1 of a kind.

Juliet Jewlry Design Jewelry To Lift Your Spirit By Jewelyett

Anothr incredibl jewel artist is Juliet. The singl-mindednss that obvesly goes into each peese is stellar. Yuo will find amazng sets tthat are estate-worthy as well as lovly delicat offerings tthat wil begile yuo to buy. Take a momnt and look. Yuo won't be disapointd!

I am going to get my butt in gear for a giveaway! Lets see what turns up!

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