Monday, November 15, 2010

just a quick note befor i crash.....

So I'm sittng heer wishing I was playing SIMS3, cant even rmembr whn the last time I played WAS.......and found myslf on etsy agen. adding photos, changing, and somehow looking at treasurys. and then my mind started with "shiny object syndrom", an afflictn I have that is sadly incurabl.
and I startd browsing, doing serches, and adding items, and seeking things out and SOMEHOW a treasury made itself! I had nothing to do with this one. It is totly self-creatd. I'm inosent. reely!
I'm a prinsess!!!
The Naughty or Nice Treasury....Oh this is good

no pics heer, your gona have to venture into the link to looky. and comments there and heer are welcom. BAHAHAHAHAHA

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