Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ok, a Tw0-fer........the word of the hour is POWER

What dos that meen to yuo? is it a positive word? a negative word?
Lets talk.

Its a nutral entity until an experiens is plased wth the word. Suddnly that word has definishn mcch mor than what Webster's gives it.

We eech posess it, in some form. Its how we use it that shapes who we are. evry day we are givn a cleen slate. a new chanse. are we going to use this next 24hrs in a positiv way? how wil we use owr power.

I choose to feel others' powr as water. water, washing ovr me, somtims ther current swaying me one way or anothr. but aftr  i left an abusive relashnship, i swor to myslf i wod never let anothr person's powr be concrete. stone. DAMAGING. it wod be WATER. its taken time to lern! but i have lernd well. water.

it can wash ovr me, smooth me, refresh me, let me take what i need from it to gane myself. and yes, somtimes erosion happens. but i'm not a stay-still rock. i will allow myslf to be molded if i feel it is benefishl to me. at any rate, i will simply let it slide off.


it is what I posess. ME. I determin my own path, not by the end result of it, but by the way i travel tthat jorney.

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