Saturday, November 6, 2010


evry day.
when my kids wer small, somthng happnd that defined th way i wod look at life evr aftr that particlr day. it was erly morning. i had baby monitrs on. my 5yr old son was moving arownd in his room, playng wth his dinosors. and my baby dauter, had just startd to strr in her crib. i cod heer her. i lay in bed, and just drank in thees sounds. and then my dauter sed......


evr after, i wod look at eech morning, good or bad th rest of th day, as "wow".
do over!
a new page.
a new chaptr.
anythng i needed or wantd it to be.


lookng bak on my 41yrs, that has servd me well. and wil continu tto do so.

in othr news, i'v ben aceptd into POE! Photographers of Etsy! im vry exsitd abowt ths and the exposur it promises. and the lerning tthat wil be had wth othr photographers. im vry exsitd.

i do not spell well. i spell mcch bettr than i used to.
but i am confdnt in my abiltys to express myslf in my art, my craft, my photography.
and im vry exsitd in this new day.


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