Sunday, November 28, 2010

Its November 28!? WHere the sam-hell went SEPTEMBER???

Ok ok. so i tend to think in tthe abstract as far as "Time". I'm an aquarius, I'm entitled to. But.....DAY-UM. sersly???
I no i've ben in total denial, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. This cozy robe I'v ben waring for 3 strate days. Yuo no, take a showr, put new pjs on, put robe back on. Yuo no, rite? rite?
I LOVE shopping. Dont get me rong. I love SELLING even more. so let me shamelessly beg at this particlr point, stop in and take a look at the world Through MY Eyes.....I will help yuo find a most exsellent gift set AND rite now, yes even I have a coupon code....yeh, i no, i broke....its BLACKFRIDAYDEAL 25% off any order, or yuo can do my BOGO sale. Buy 1 print and get 1 print free, an eezy cool way to bild a wall grouping.
OK, back to denial. I have 2 favrit ways to Christmas shop. If I DO go owt, I dont want to be wth to delicatly put this........a growch who is just going to yell 'hurry up!'. ther. thats prety aquarian delicat. I want to SHOP. for PEEPL. mabe have lunch. and buy rappng paper and ribbon and booze so whn i go home, i can use all 3 of those at my leesur.
I like to stay in my comfy pj/robe ensamb and etsy/amazon/ebay all my lovly shoppng needs, and tthen just go up th street for rappng paper, ribbon and booze. so i can drink booze and wate for my pakages to arive and rap them.......and mabe get mor booze if needed. this sowns like im an alky. im not. but SOMEBODY got me adictd to th french orange liquer Grand Marnier. so. now i want tthat frm nov-dec. and if ther is any way posibl? i wil get that down!

I love bags. All kinds. Purses, clutchs, totes, heck i love the free-or-99cent-bags yuo get for yuor grosrys now. but heer is JaynaUmeda's shop with some lovely bags to choose from.
My absolut FAVRIT! $49, $9shipping

Gorgus, $57, $9shipping

Stuning Red $59, $9 shipping

These bags are made to LAST, so feel confdent in gifting!

OMG this next shop is UBER-COOLNESS! MaverickJune's shop is chock full of gifts! Its a pillow shop that LITRLY has somethng for evrybody. Check it out!
Peace OUT

Rock ON! (also I Love You in ASL)


An example of sevrl others
The prices range from $40-$75, but take a look at the materials used and yuo will feel good abowt being SO GREEN! ~ The pillow consists of felt made from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles, a polyester zipper, 100% cotton thread, and a poly-fil, non-allergenic pillow insert.
Cool, eh?

Welp, thanks for sharing a morning cup of coffee with me. Have a grate day!

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