Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whacha want!

So tell me whacha want whacha reely reely want!

Yuor allowd now! I'm giving yuo lisense to be totly selfish! Rite heer! give it to me! WHat do yuo want reeeeeeeely bad! and World Peace dosnt count. we all want tthat. I want to no what yuo want rappd up wth yuor NAME on it undr tthat lovly tree. Yuo have freedom to have a case of the GIMMES!
what are the items yuo reely want to see undr that tree evry year? yuo no wt i meen. thos sweet yummy littl things yuo just NEED evry year.
tel me what thay are!

Yuor gona laff at mine. unless yuo also have 2 dauters. thay ar grown now. but boy. during th horrid teen years. all i wantd for christmas was..........SOCKS!!!!! tons. cos thay wod alwas go in my room and 'borrow' socks. 
i STILL want socks. tons! all diffrnt colors of BLUE! th yummy fluffy kind, the cute evry day kind, and this year......i fell in love with those socks i promoted from PinkPong's shop! lovly delicat and sexy as hell  .    
I no how dingy tthat sownds. but it is what it is. Til I get my trip to th bahamas, socks......ok ok and an iPad will do. *smirk*

Worky Worky!
Know a college student? or a journaler? EarthDesignsIndia has 6 beutiful designs of journals to choose from thees are unisex, decadent but not overdone, and well-bound. Hay I HAD TO EDIT!~~The reeson ther are only 6 designs on her site is eech journal is a 1-of-a-kind!!! how freekng UBER-COOL is that!

  At $17 a book and $5 shipping to the US, this is a steal as a gift!

We all love wreaths ths time of year. The Wright Wreath shop has what yuor looking for if its a natural lovly well-prised wreath Over $50 is just too mcch for my budget, and all of thees are gorgus and under $50. Take a look at these beutys.

gorgus. rite? OF CORS! ;)

OK. I have a  new thing in MY shop. GO FIGUR! Through Saras Eyes has this new offering 
This is a lovely new Christmas print to go with my others, or as a set of beutifl cards.

I will be working today, on photographs and new stuff. so give me a hollr!

Heer is my reminder to have yuo enter my giveaway, of any 4 prints, 8x10 size , in my shop! this ends Dec 1, so dont let time get away from ya! click heer and enter!

Anothr giveaway of mine is being hosted by Polina of Kotriangle, whch ends Nov 30! so dont lose out on that eether!

Both giveaways are vry eezy to enter!

Welp, thank yuo for sharing some morning coffee wth me. Have a grate day!

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  1. Sara,
    the journals are lovely
    ...and who doesn't like wreaths!!