Thursday, February 28, 2013

And I and My Opinion are still Here

With a new iPad and Siri, you will be able to understand me so much better. But please never forget the condition I have and many more like me.......the remnants of a traumatic brain injury. For me, it was tumors from a cancer. For others, it could be many other things that take away their ability to write, spell, speak well, form words, stutter.....the list goes on. So I will continue to be the Anti-Spelling/Grammar Police! ;)

June 18 was my last post. Reading that post took me back to that planet I once lived on. Since then, I am attempting to recover from Guillian Barre Syndrome. I got it from a severe bronchitis infection that just wouldn't go away. In the middle of that infection though, my mother took me to see my son and his new family and I got to enter the Pacific ocean for the first time. Ocean water is where I meet my Creator the clearest. And as my son held me up (my left leg had already gone numb), I saw the angels playing on the waves again......playing and pulling on my dress.
It was glorious. I got to meet and bond with his family. There are only 15 years between him and me and at this age, it is good.

When I came home, it wasn't but a week before I was in the hospital with paralysis going up my body. The doctors I had were a joke too. After a high protein level in spinal fluid and other tests gave a dx of GB, AFTER, I was given a flu shot. Which has devastated my recovery. I did my best in an awesome intense therapy hospital but I am still paralyzed in my legs. I am so grateful my arms are better but still weak.

Just a week or so ago, I was dx'ed with another brain tumor. This one is growing into my pituitary gland, making sense of tons of symptoms that when I brought them up to my neurologists and other drs just sort of brushed them aside. I feel angry and betrayed.

If you want to walk with me on this journey, I appreciate you. and Please share my story. I want to help others be their own advocate. Strong and LOUD.

I will try to start another page for work and opinion pieces, as my strength allows.
as always........