Wednesday, April 20, 2011


if yuo feel yuo cannot do anythng.......danse. wrks evry time.

This is wher I come from. Land of my birth.
When I fall apart, I fly


When you cannot do anythng els, danse. works evry time.

a happy day

2 souls look upon one anothr...regnize...and smile
EVRY time an angel apeerd in the Bible, the 1st thing it sed was "Do not be afraid".....I think this photo depicts what a real angel looks like. ther are many KINDS of angels, i think

you got to ride th waves of life

calvin shows himslf to be an aquarius!

Yes We CAN!

If you cannot do anythng els, danse. works evry time.

bff's. yep.

nevr forget tto make a wish!

look at evrythng in yuor life as a canvass.

if yuo have it, yuo will be ok. no mattr what.



a REEL photo taken by a frend.....proof that evn God somtims asks why
have yuo ever ben THIS PISSD OFF?

and this is jus so stupd i love it.

Thank yuo for wasting some time wth me this morning! I invite yuo to tell a story, and give me yuor favrit charity to spotlite. until then, Make it a grate day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Frend's Travels Chapter 1~Christina

I have invited you to share a story for me to post for evrybody to enjoy. I am a collectr of storys. I love them. But your storys are not free. Include your favrit charity too. *grin* I hadn't added tthat ystrday so I will add Christina's favrit charity edited later. For now, lets grab a cup of coffee, get cozy and lisen........

When I was 17 in 1999 I was in a Juvenile Detention center in Colorado. I was a lost and confused teen who got in trouble, but I wasn't there because I broke the law. I was there because I was in state custody and ran from every home they put me in. I became pen pals with a male inmate. We then became good friends, and continued to write even after I was released. He was just as lost in this world as I was, and that gave us a common ground.
I moved to Massachusetts 6 months after I was released, and we lost contact. I came back to Colorado in 2001 for my best friends wedding. I went into a gas station and there he was standing behind the counter. We instantly reconnected, and I spent my whole week of vacation with him. We had so much fun, and it was amazing just being around him. I returned to Massachusetts, as I had a job and all my personal belongings there. A month later I put my 2 week notice in and bought a plane ticket beck to Colorado. He was getting a duplex with some friends, so I stayed with them.
We aren't married, a simple way to put it is we want to have a private wedding and honeymoon all in one in Ireland. Of course we will have to do one in the U.S. for the family to be part of. We can't afford it, and don't want to put ourselves in debt to make our dreams come true. The wait has been long and hard, however we figure in the next couple of years we will be able to afford to do what we want to. On May 19th 2011 we will be celebrating our 10 year mark. It's been a long journey, but well worth it. We have had our rough patches, but we have had even more great moments together. We have 2 beautiful boys (8 and 4) and a love for one another that I truly believe will last a lifetime.

Perfct Happy Smile Factor of 10 acheevd!

EDIT TO ADD HER FAVE CHARITY: Christina ses "American Red Cross. With natural disasters on an all time high there are so many who need the help :)" SO.......her charity we invite yuo to donate to is The American Red Cross, remembring this has no bordrs and is intrnashnl

If YOU wod like to share, pleez email me at
I look fwrrd to it!

I will be hit and miss til the end of April. Will chek as oftn as I can. So keep the storys and charitys comin!

Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee with me! Make it a grate day!

Monday, April 18, 2011


The roads we travel.

I have taken tthe scenic rout.
I thnk becoming a mama so erly saved my life. Becoming a Nana erly has defnitly saved my sanity.
If you love rainbows, you will lern to love rain. and in order tto apreshate the rainbows , you cannot keep your head down lookng at the mud.
While I look at rainbows and all ther glory, I rmembr tthat Heavn is my home......but Im not homesik yet.
Ther is a world of diffrense btween being a cancer survivr and a cancer warrior. an ass-kickng world of diffrense.
The most imprtnt thng my mom taut me is you don't stop playing whn yuo grow old. You grow old when you stop playing.
The most imprtnt thng my dad taut me is ther is nothing unforgivabl.
The most importnt thng my kids taut me is......wate......I'm still lerning tthat. Amazng things. Wondrus things. Somtims tragic hurting things. We have and continu to help eechothr grow.

met a guy, aftr a cancer dx , and dated him. then marryd him and his 3 teens, to mix wth MY 2 teens. CrazyLand USA was born in Cincy Ohio on Plainfield Rd.
we marryd in a polise stashn, I wore dimonds and black leathr on my wedding day. bot a cheesecake for owr wedding cake. my 2 kids joind us. and on our anivrsrys have made it a proper aquarian joke to eat at Cincy's finest mobster dinerys.
Carlo and Johnny's , for exampl.
US dating

more dating, chek owt owr kids in th donut rivr ride rite bhind us lol
somtims yuo have to make your own 'happy', diggin my babooshka

Its the way yuo love me...This Kiss This Kiss
A Very Speshl ConeHead Wedding

We then spnt th next decade, (just shy of), survivng. suurvivng being very formal aquarian newlyweds(painfuly so), a stepfamly of 5 freekng teenagrs who all needed therpy or a good whoopn, ignoring any and ALL problms arising in the best aquarian form, cancer and the long term efects-some of whch have ben startling in a bad way, waching thees 5 teens begin evr so slowly thru the amazing holidays we (ok im taking full credit!) I! th form of th Birthday Dinner, and the christmases and secret santas, and the get togethrs tthay all seemd to look fwrrd to mcch more tthan it was cool to let on, srviving and us all 7 holding it tgethr to evry singl graduation, and th kids truly selbrating donnie's college graduashn and lokng frwrrd to evrybdy els', all of us so srprised and exsited whn our 7 became the Crazy 8 wth the addishn of Prinse Alexander Nikolai and all th pomp an crcmstanse and joy a brand new shiny boy brings........

and now

we get to go on our honymoon.
too cool fr scool. news at 11.

I invite you to share wth me YOUR story. rite it and I will post it, til the end of April.

ok. TODAY'S COOL CHARITY is a bit selfish too......
HEERS TO HOPE Lite The Nite '11 
Yep. its dat time agen!!
Go Ahed.
Be A Hero. $1.00. Thats what I'm asking.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Cottages and Charities

I walkd mick barefootd ths morning on owr sidewalk. *big smile*
in the rain. *BIGGR SMILE!*at this very moment, the house smells like rain. i love it.

Have yuo thot about what yuor retirment house wod look like? tthat final home? will it be the one yuo have pade for the past 30yrs? or.......

I fantasiz of a lovly breezy cottage. in beachy blues, opening up to water. and I just may have found a shop tthat wod help me decorate! Take a look wth me, if you will, at The Shop of Summer Road

Name of th game, eh? $15 and $5 shipping

Yep, lovly. framed 8x10 at $35 with $6 shipping

I am so in love wth this littl shelf! $32 with $6 shipping

Lovly detaling, and of corse you will need 2, at $20 with $5 shipping, thats eezy to do!

You can heer gulls, can't you. Smell sea breeze. Feel the air. MMMMMM

what dos yuor home look like in yuor 60s? I'm 42.......but my hubby is 55. So...........


Bracelet a Day, $1 for Arthritis Foundation!   

yep! for a dollar yuo can be a HERO! in so many ways. but Tday, its for the Arthritis Foundation! AND you get a chanse to win a braselet! Eech dollar you donate gives yuo a number, and anothr chanse to win! Chek it owt!

Heers anothr, tthat will be a favrit heer. yung girls are espeshly at risk when homeless. Prostitushn, drug traffickng, slave trade involv both sexes but th stats are cleer.
and somtims shelters are scary.
HEER is The Alternative for Girls, LITERLY 
heer is ther mission statement
Alternatives For Girls (AFG) is a Detroit-based nonprofit serving homeless and high-risk girls and young women.  Since 1987, AFG has provided critical services to the girls and young women we serve, including safe shelter, street outreach and educational support, vocational guidance, mentoring, prevention activities, and counseling. The goal is to empower the girls and young women we serve to make positive choices.
Our mission is to help homeless and high-risk girls and young women avoid violence, teen pregnancy and exploitation, and help them to explore and access the support, resources and opportunities necessary to be safe, to grow strong and to make positive choices in their lives."


thank yuo for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Make this a grate day! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Chernobyl's Legasy

I am going thru tths essay.
I may not finish it.

But my consiens demands tthat i share it and give it as mcch atten as I possibly can. This is tth ravages of a disastr tthat is daly barely contaned. It cod happn anywhr. any time.

We in the USA take so mcch for granted.
Consider fr a moment.

Not sins our revolushn from England has a foreign military ben upon our soil.
Yes, we have had terorists. But we have not had to live wth day to day bombings, or peeple slamming into our homes or fearing evrybdy and not noing WHO to trust.
We tend tto think in abstract.
We 'donate to tth cause'. 'invest volnteer time'. 'send care pkges'. and tthat is ALL VRY GOOD AND NEEDED. I'm jusst pointng owt our isolashn 'over heer', away from most of the "land world".

Genrly, natrl disastr brings th world tgethr fr a few months. we have fund rasers, and ware ribbons and vow to do 'whatevr it takes' to help owt the country or area aflictd.
and tthen.........
OUR world goes on. and this is what remanes.

The Hope Org 
look at that site!!! isnt it amazng! I didnt drag any of th pics. so click on the link. and bookmark it! This is th Mother of all donate sites as ffar as i can see. I'm still checkng thngs owt on it and if it is at all shady i will ttake bak ths referal. 

It is vital tthat we rmembr and continu to help, evn aftr thos few months tthat tragdy hits th news.

Thank you for sharing a cup of coffee with me. Make it a grate day! 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday!

Borowing that frm my brother-in-law and his dauter. Thay selbrate evry friday like that to eechother. shes in college and hes in michigan. and on fb, thay say to eechothr 'happy friday!'
too cool, eh?

SO.........whacha selbratin tday! on bizar holidays, its "All is Ours" Day.....wtevr THAT meens! whn I selabrate it usly involvs relaxy pj time, playing SIMS or playin wt my iPad, or havn a dinnr wt th kids all ovr, or goin owt.  Just ride the wave, reely.

Today, I wod like to introdus yuo to Bridget, and her shop All that we are , inspired by this buddhist saying..."All that we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.
-- Buddha"
lets take a peek..........

Her art has reely grabbd me. I usly only featur shops wth under-100-sold and she is slitely above tthat. but I reely cannot help mslf. I show my faves and ohmygrashus this is def one of my ffaves.

SOOOOO for my bff *hart* at $15 and free shipping

look at this!!! ohmygravy ths is sch a lovly gift! $22

Stellar. Stunning. and $22, free shipping

Now tell me, yuo are an absolut fan too, rite? :)

and now its time to playyyyyyyyyyyy
Cool Charity of Th Day!
 Today's winner is Locks Of Love 

I have ben a giver of this orgnizashn and am a strong advocat. my prsnl experns wth cancer, as a woman, gives me insite on how painfl it is to lose yuor hair to diseese. Bfor that happns, yuo are still a person wt a medicl histry tthat is nobodys bisness, and nobdy nos abowt. as soon as that hair falls owt, it takes away tthat. yuo are now a cancer patient. it is diffclt to come to terms wth it. im a 4-timer. ths last time, i desided to take charg, to feel mor in cntrol of th prosess.
3yrs ago my hair bfor i had to do more brain radiashn

why let it go to waste, eh?

its so pretty. i jus no a littl girl wil love it. *sniffl*
not a bad kik ass 'do
didnt take mcch of th rads to sloff it all off.        

so my head became canvas for flowers and buttrflys.

 Stop by Bald Heads Unite, join or share us. 

Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Make this a grate day! Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mixd Feelings

I have just seen tthat Japan has ben hit with yet anothr 7pt earthquake, wth th tsunami alert levl as hi as it can go.
all i can think of is OHMYGOD. no othr wrrds. but lots of emoshns. renching horor and teror for them. helplssness. things like this truly reminds us just wher we are at wth this planet.

This is my small contribushn to Japans recovry. The limited edition of the Japanese Fisherman will have all net profit go to Red Cross for Japan Relief.

If yuo prefer to directly donate, heer is th link of th Red Cross tthat wil go rite to Japan

OK! I think tthat qualifys for the Cool Charity of the Day! eh? 

I GOTA SAY THANK YUOOOOOOOOO!!!! made it to 100 folowers! YAY! pleez pimp me owt like a 6th street hooker. bahahahahaha

I have happnd on sch a lovly relaxy shop! Slip into Kacey Buchanan Stafford's shop wth me.....

This is captvating, it fills me up, $22 wth $2 shipping

This lovly looks like she can just jump rite out! $22 with $2 shipping

This one i speshly love. reminds me of my best frend. $75 with $6.95 shipping

All of thees have free shipping whn ordering more than 1 item.  Her work is soothing, isnt it? I can almost smell vanilla in a shop wher yuo heer water in a fownten. *big smile*

Thanks for having a cup of coffee wth me. Make this a grate day!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shameless begging

Yep. ats what ima doin. I reely want more readers and I want to no what you wod like to reed about. and I wod like yuor input.

What wod you like to see in this blog? what makes yuo want to check owt blogs?
  1. life storys
  2. comedy (lol whch IS my life story)
  3. to chek out new shops 
  5. *insert your reeson heer* 
 I'd like it to be more interactiv so hit me wth yuor best ideas.
yuor my peeps! i want tto be relavent to yuo and yuor day.

i was fumbling abowt what to rite about, and my best frend sed 'rite about rain'. she sed ths cos she nos me well. i love th rain. as soon as i can smell the air chang i throw opn the doors. mud and water smell so cleen! I love the feeling it gives me. i feel clensd. brite and shiny and hapy. I feel fresh. enrgizd. All my cares seem to slide off me along wtth the raindrops. 
only thng i dont like bout rain is muddy-puppy-syndrom. omg. mick is an inside dog. so he gos owt. and coms bak in. and he dos tthat sevrl times. whcch meens he practly gets a BATH eech time he coms in. but, hay, ssmall prise to pay fr having warm puppy and happy rain.
It is also a lovly time to sit on yuor porch, if possbl, or at leest by a window, andd reflect. on just how dam cool yuor life is.
and it is.
we all have problms, and pain, and diseese of one kind or anothr........
but truly

Life Is Good.

We had a fam get tgethr last nite, i call us th crazy 8s, now that Alexander 1st grandchild is wth us. and it was just GOOD. relaxy. wachn th kids intrmingle. yabber. wach Alex throwing pizza evrywhr. The love of my life bside me. (well,, usly. bahahaha) 
NEVER take the UP fr granted. 
*wagging my fingr at ya, and totly rockin the Nana look*

Til I heer from ya all, I'm gna go ahed wth shop of th day feature, and I'd like to add a cool charity of th day.
As yuo all mostly no, I'm a frrst time Nana. My Prinse Alexander Nikolai Rules his kingdom of my living room well.
I have ben privlegd to be included in this shop owner's treasury, so I thot I wod share her with yuo cos she reely is the treasure heer. Come wth me and step inside Zenful Goods shop

This is devine vintage gold, $14.99 and less than $3 shipping

Pouring Choclat! What a lovly set, at $14 with $6 shipping

a lovly wall or counter peese, at $9.75 and $5.95 shipping

Her shop is filld wth a vast array of eclectc and whimsicl finds, yuo must browse.

Cool Charity of The Day! 
I'm gona be totly selfish on my frrst one. (reely my 2nd one cos i kinda cownt that awsom Shelter rite up my 1st)

Heer it is. Julie Meryl's Cafe Shop Dedicated to End Blood Cancers 
In her own words......
"After being diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) in 2004, I became devoted to ending blood cancers. After many failed treatments I had stem cell transplant in 2009. The transplant worked but did not get rid of my leukemia. Thanks to my amazing father, we are selling a number of products with unique graphics on them. Show your support and help raise awareness of blood cancers with our items."

Portion of proceeds goes to Lymphoma and Leukemia Research Foundation.  AAAAND I wil spotlite for all th wrrld to see that freekng spellng is OVRRATED! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
the story behind this is aftr my diagnosis of th cancer moving to my brain, i lost some cogntiv functn. as i began to get it bak a littl at a time, on a Mac computr cos it is all pictur relatd, i joind a net supprt grooop  
and startd tiping/talkng to peeps. wel thay wr vry polite. and didnnt reely mentn my ovbes erors. vry polite. i sined all my posts "HEERS TO HOPE!" nobbdy corectd me, and some actly thot i ment it tthat way. so it became an entity unto itts own. Last year we had 3 teams acros th nation in the Lite The Nite Walk for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Research Foundation using my battle cry as ther team name. Im hoping fr mor ths year. :) so get on julie's link, go to the very bottm, and click on "HEERS TO HOPE" and see all th cool stuff yuo can get, noing yuo are helpng too.

Thanks for joining me in a cup of coffee. Make ths a grate day!