Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday!

Borowing that frm my brother-in-law and his dauter. Thay selbrate evry friday like that to eechother. shes in college and hes in michigan. and on fb, thay say to eechothr 'happy friday!'
too cool, eh?

SO.........whacha selbratin tday! on bizar holidays, its "All is Ours" Day.....wtevr THAT meens! whn I selabrate it usly involvs relaxy pj time, playing SIMS or playin wt my iPad, or havn a dinnr wt th kids all ovr, or goin owt.  Just ride the wave, reely.

Today, I wod like to introdus yuo to Bridget, and her shop All that we are , inspired by this buddhist saying..."All that we are is a result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.
-- Buddha"
lets take a peek..........

Her art has reely grabbd me. I usly only featur shops wth under-100-sold and she is slitely above tthat. but I reely cannot help mslf. I show my faves and ohmygrashus this is def one of my ffaves.

SOOOOO for my bff *hart* at $15 and free shipping

look at this!!! ohmygravy ths is sch a lovly gift! $22

Stellar. Stunning. and $22, free shipping

Now tell me, yuo are an absolut fan too, rite? :)

and now its time to playyyyyyyyyyyy
Cool Charity of Th Day!
 Today's winner is Locks Of Love 

I have ben a giver of this orgnizashn and am a strong advocat. my prsnl experns wth cancer, as a woman, gives me insite on how painfl it is to lose yuor hair to diseese. Bfor that happns, yuo are still a person wt a medicl histry tthat is nobodys bisness, and nobdy nos abowt. as soon as that hair falls owt, it takes away tthat. yuo are now a cancer patient. it is diffclt to come to terms wth it. im a 4-timer. ths last time, i desided to take charg, to feel mor in cntrol of th prosess.
3yrs ago my hair bfor i had to do more brain radiashn

why let it go to waste, eh?

its so pretty. i jus no a littl girl wil love it. *sniffl*
not a bad kik ass 'do
didnt take mcch of th rads to sloff it all off.        

so my head became canvas for flowers and buttrflys.

 Stop by Bald Heads Unite, join or share us. 

Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Make this a grate day! Happy Friday!


  1. Sara you are an inspiration! Your strength, character,love of life and humanity is truly amazing!
    Keep on keeping on!!

  2. I hearted Bridget's shop. Her jewelry is gorgeous! And so are you, wow!!