Monday, April 18, 2011


The roads we travel.

I have taken tthe scenic rout.
I thnk becoming a mama so erly saved my life. Becoming a Nana erly has defnitly saved my sanity.
If you love rainbows, you will lern to love rain. and in order tto apreshate the rainbows , you cannot keep your head down lookng at the mud.
While I look at rainbows and all ther glory, I rmembr tthat Heavn is my home......but Im not homesik yet.
Ther is a world of diffrense btween being a cancer survivr and a cancer warrior. an ass-kickng world of diffrense.
The most imprtnt thng my mom taut me is you don't stop playing whn yuo grow old. You grow old when you stop playing.
The most imprtnt thng my dad taut me is ther is nothing unforgivabl.
The most importnt thng my kids taut me is......wate......I'm still lerning tthat. Amazng things. Wondrus things. Somtims tragic hurting things. We have and continu to help eechothr grow.

met a guy, aftr a cancer dx , and dated him. then marryd him and his 3 teens, to mix wth MY 2 teens. CrazyLand USA was born in Cincy Ohio on Plainfield Rd.
we marryd in a polise stashn, I wore dimonds and black leathr on my wedding day. bot a cheesecake for owr wedding cake. my 2 kids joind us. and on our anivrsrys have made it a proper aquarian joke to eat at Cincy's finest mobster dinerys.
Carlo and Johnny's , for exampl.
US dating

more dating, chek owt owr kids in th donut rivr ride rite bhind us lol
somtims yuo have to make your own 'happy', diggin my babooshka

Its the way yuo love me...This Kiss This Kiss
A Very Speshl ConeHead Wedding

We then spnt th next decade, (just shy of), survivng. suurvivng being very formal aquarian newlyweds(painfuly so), a stepfamly of 5 freekng teenagrs who all needed therpy or a good whoopn, ignoring any and ALL problms arising in the best aquarian form, cancer and the long term efects-some of whch have ben startling in a bad way, waching thees 5 teens begin evr so slowly thru the amazing holidays we (ok im taking full credit!) I! th form of th Birthday Dinner, and the christmases and secret santas, and the get togethrs tthay all seemd to look fwrrd to mcch more tthan it was cool to let on, srviving and us all 7 holding it tgethr to evry singl graduation, and th kids truly selbrating donnie's college graduashn and lokng frwrrd to evrybdy els', all of us so srprised and exsited whn our 7 became the Crazy 8 wth the addishn of Prinse Alexander Nikolai and all th pomp an crcmstanse and joy a brand new shiny boy brings........

and now

we get to go on our honymoon.
too cool fr scool. news at 11.

I invite you to share wth me YOUR story. rite it and I will post it, til the end of April.

ok. TODAY'S COOL CHARITY is a bit selfish too......
HEERS TO HOPE Lite The Nite '11 
Yep. its dat time agen!!
Go Ahed.
Be A Hero. $1.00. Thats what I'm asking.



  1. loved reading your story hun! Congratulations on the honeymoon! Have a blast!
    Mine... well it's a bit odd lol. I'll email it to you, just need a little time to write it. Don't worry I wont make it too long!

  2. Soooooo happy that you're going on an adventure!!! Be sure to look for those gems!!! <3