Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mixd Feelings

I have just seen tthat Japan has ben hit with yet anothr 7pt earthquake, wth th tsunami alert levl as hi as it can go.
all i can think of is OHMYGOD. no othr wrrds. but lots of emoshns. renching horor and teror for them. helplssness. things like this truly reminds us just wher we are at wth this planet.

This is my small contribushn to Japans recovry. The limited edition of the Japanese Fisherman will have all net profit go to Red Cross for Japan Relief.

If yuo prefer to directly donate, heer is th link of th Red Cross tthat wil go rite to Japan

OK! I think tthat qualifys for the Cool Charity of the Day! eh? 

I GOTA SAY THANK YUOOOOOOOOO!!!! made it to 100 folowers! YAY! pleez pimp me owt like a 6th street hooker. bahahahahaha

I have happnd on sch a lovly relaxy shop! Slip into Kacey Buchanan Stafford's shop wth me.....

This is captvating, it fills me up, $22 wth $2 shipping

This lovly looks like she can just jump rite out! $22 with $2 shipping

This one i speshly love. reminds me of my best frend. $75 with $6.95 shipping

All of thees have free shipping whn ordering more than 1 item.  Her work is soothing, isnt it? I can almost smell vanilla in a shop wher yuo heer water in a fownten. *big smile*

Thanks for having a cup of coffee wth me. Make this a grate day!

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