Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gettin Older and Lovin It

considering the alternatv? yes, evry day above grownd is a good day.

We will be walkng in the Cincinnati Light The Night walk-a-thon. It is a time of selbrating and greeving, looking at what is and what cod have ben.

I am sooooooo blessd. God's Spoild Dauter. yep, dat be me.

so my thots are scatterd like dry crisp leaves dansing in the yard. i thnk i will join that danse!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Time......Itsa Changin


Like my fan page if ya like. i do apreshate and help promote others as mcch as possibl.

Nxt week is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Walk down at Sawyer Point heer in cincy. the rout is going ovr 1 bridge and down th street to the othr bridge and going ovr that one.
ther is no way we can do that. but we do have our gole. to GET to th 1st bridge. yep! and im confdnt we will make that gole.

Yuov herd me whine bowt some signifcnt diffcltys heer, regardng long term side efcts. but im heer. and im on borrowd time. i no that. and milk it fr all its wrrth.

The guy we are walkng in honor of is in hospice at his home. evry day is a struggl fr strength. im so prowd of Dave! and his wife, Jen. thay are amazng.

I'm shur i will rite later. fr now, I just want all my peeps to pleez share our lymphoma walkathon at Sawyer Point.

Heer are my prints that are a part of rasing funds for this!
Evn the moon dressed up in RED for our walk last year! $25, with 20% going to LLS

Redy Set GO! 20% of this print goes to LLS

Perfect rainbow, dubl.....$35 with 20% going to LLS

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Case Study for Medical Marijuana

I'd like to adress this persnl issu.
During my battle wth cancer, i was givn Marinol, synthetc THC, th activ componnt of mary jane. and it workd, whn the othr scope of anti nausea meds didnt. i had cyclic vomiting tthat cod only be stoppd by ER meds givn by IV.

Remission brings alot of happy. and alot of battl woonds yuo must deel with. i stil fite nausea evry sngl day. and have a constrictd throt tthat needs to be stretchd a cupl times a year now due to all th vomitng iv done. my stomak is now paralizd, and i cant digest food rite. so it coses evn mor nausea and vomitng.
I'm on zofran, and a new one atarax to help wth itching rite now, and the mainstay phenerghan and ativan.

i just want to offer a glimps.
now im in th middl of a month supply, so the left bottl is normly full wn i get it frrst. the bottl on the left is the dose of phenergan i am on now 250mg.  the bottl on th rite? thats th amt of phenergan i was using 2 yrs ago, 75mg.
I'm 42. and this is a permnt condishn. and thees meds work like this, yuor body becoms adictd to them, and it takes mor of them to 'do th job' so yuo have to bump up yuor dose. what th hell will my dose be in a year? what abowt whn (if?) i'm 50?

Medical Marijuana. non adictiv. it works. and it cod help othr areas as wel. tax it. thers extra revenu. but its educashn tthats needed. this is not a 'gateway' drug. i need help for extreem nausea. and i'd love to have a non adictv option.

so tthats my soap box tday! thanks for sharing a coke wth me. Make it a grate day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Poem Stedy as the Hartbeat of my Mother series 2

Stedy as The HartBeat of My Mother

Like the willow
Bending and moving along with the struggls we fase eech day
I no i wont brake
Insted I will use that wind to danse, and hum the primordl beat i have herd sinse time began.

As i smell the storm comin, i do not brase agenst it.
Rather i climb the thunder and danse with the litening
And pore out my fear and anger
And come down, clensed....purifyd....renewd.
And I continu to hum that ancient beat......

Circumstanse cannot chang me, it can only present itself.
Struggls and shocks in life will alwas be.
I will be found riding the superwaves in the sky, riding it all out.

I am as stedy as the Hartbeat of my Mother.

My girl child is now a mother. What lessns have i givn her? 
keep the faith. When yuo cannot find yuor way, look up.
And reech out.
Cherish evry momnt. Enjoy yuor child's life. 
And when the ruff comes
Remembr, Yuo are stedy as the Hartbeat of yuor Mother

Sara's Spotlite~"Whats Your Latitude?" by Roger Lumpp

Introdusing yuo to Roger and his brain child, Whats Your Latitude

In his own words....
I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system) in April 2010 and subsequently completed 8 months of ABVD chemotherapy to fight my disease.  During my various treatments, tests, and recovery periods I would often close my eyes and project myself to a specific place from my life that I loved until the treatment ended or the nausea went away. 
The underlying positive emotions I felt were what helped me through some of my longest tests and toughest recovery periods.
During a relaxing drive to my aunt and uncles’ lake house in the Kettle Moraine region of Wisconsin, my wife and I were discussing our love for the particular latitude that cut through Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, and Northern New York where she grew up.
After the next week’s chemo session I had my “ah ha” moment on the couch in my family room where I connected my thoughts and found the word to describe the place I was escaping to mentally during scans:
My Latitude.
For the final half of my 8 month long chemotherapy adventure, my mind was kept occupied with the simple goal of building a platform for everyone to discover and communicate their Latitude to others.
Through living the emotions associated with our Latitude we can lift our lives above the stresses that inhibit our growth as individuals and as a society."

A very cool consept. ther often is a driving need among thos who have fallen to this, and have the need to create comunitys, support bords, armor and anythng els that can get us thru eech day. and it dos not stop at remissn. Nope, it dosnt. 

I apreshate this becos it is somthg yuo work owt for yuorslf. and yuo can begin anytime. and anywher yuo hapn to be. evn a hospitl bed. close yuor eyes and begin. and if yuo can only focus for an hour btween pain meds, whch was th case for me, then that hour is well spent.
i like this posibilty too.

my latitude may chang. thru my jorny, it isnt the same as it was whn i was watching those roses so carefly, hoping thay wod make it thru winter so i cod too. now its diffrent. 

thanks Roger, for lettng me share. and thanks readers for sharing a cup of coffee with me. Make this a grate day! This video of Playing for Change will help ya on that! Click and enjoy


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stedy as the HartBeat of My Mother Series, Part 1

When peepl ask
'how are yuo'
'oh fine, thanks....yuo?'
'oh im good. Our yungest is in colleg now'
'oh congrats'
well, nise seeing yuo!
'we'l call!'

how many times have yuo had tthat convo?
do yuo at leest have one person, prefrbly a cupl peepl , tthat yuo can ansr th questn 'how are yuo'.......'dam i feel like SHIT!'

cos yuo no thay reely want to no how yuo are.
yuo can spill yuor upset with this dimond in the ruff frend and will be huggd. and comfrted.

just as importntly.....are YUO that dimond to othrs? its tuff. and yuo cant do it all th time. somtims we have to just say, owr buckets are empty and we have to recharg.

thos are th times whn yuo need to go inward. primal. feed yuorslf. yuor soul. and come back stedy as the hartbeat of your mother.

what we choose to give our dauters, as ther legasy, is mcch more than any $. Its undrstandng, on how to cherish ther self wrrth, to honor ther own dignity, to get bak up aftr yuo fall down, to choose love evry singl time the choise arives, to be redy to hold anothr up til thay are strong enuf to hold themslvs, to take rsponsiblty for not only ther actions but also ther INactions, if yuo want yuor life to be bettr then get bisy, to pay honor to yuor mother, and to grashusly acept the honor pade to yuo as a mother.........

i now am.
i want my dauter to be.
and i no my mother to be.

Stedy as the HartBeat of Our Mothers.