Friday, September 2, 2011

Poem Stedy as the Hartbeat of my Mother series 2

Stedy as The HartBeat of My Mother

Like the willow
Bending and moving along with the struggls we fase eech day
I no i wont brake
Insted I will use that wind to danse, and hum the primordl beat i have herd sinse time began.

As i smell the storm comin, i do not brase agenst it.
Rather i climb the thunder and danse with the litening
And pore out my fear and anger
And come down, clensed....purifyd....renewd.
And I continu to hum that ancient beat......

Circumstanse cannot chang me, it can only present itself.
Struggls and shocks in life will alwas be.
I will be found riding the superwaves in the sky, riding it all out.

I am as stedy as the Hartbeat of my Mother.

My girl child is now a mother. What lessns have i givn her? 
keep the faith. When yuo cannot find yuor way, look up.
And reech out.
Cherish evry momnt. Enjoy yuor child's life. 
And when the ruff comes
Remembr, Yuo are stedy as the Hartbeat of yuor Mother

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