Friday, September 16, 2011

Time......Itsa Changin

Like my fan page if ya like. i do apreshate and help promote others as mcch as possibl.

Nxt week is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Walk down at Sawyer Point heer in cincy. the rout is going ovr 1 bridge and down th street to the othr bridge and going ovr that one.
ther is no way we can do that. but we do have our gole. to GET to th 1st bridge. yep! and im confdnt we will make that gole.

Yuov herd me whine bowt some signifcnt diffcltys heer, regardng long term side efcts. but im heer. and im on borrowd time. i no that. and milk it fr all its wrrth.

The guy we are walkng in honor of is in hospice at his home. evry day is a struggl fr strength. im so prowd of Dave! and his wife, Jen. thay are amazng.

I'm shur i will rite later. fr now, I just want all my peeps to pleez share our lymphoma walkathon at Sawyer Point.

Heer are my prints that are a part of rasing funds for this!
Evn the moon dressed up in RED for our walk last year! $25, with 20% going to LLS

Redy Set GO! 20% of this print goes to LLS

Perfect rainbow, dubl.....$35 with 20% going to LLS

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