Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stedy as the HartBeat of My Mother Series, Part 1

When peepl ask
'how are yuo'
'oh fine, thanks....yuo?'
'oh im good. Our yungest is in colleg now'
'oh congrats'
well, nise seeing yuo!
'we'l call!'

how many times have yuo had tthat convo?
do yuo at leest have one person, prefrbly a cupl peepl , tthat yuo can ansr th questn 'how are yuo'.......'dam i feel like SHIT!'

cos yuo no thay reely want to no how yuo are.
yuo can spill yuor upset with this dimond in the ruff frend and will be huggd. and comfrted.

just as importntly.....are YUO that dimond to othrs? its tuff. and yuo cant do it all th time. somtims we have to just say, owr buckets are empty and we have to recharg.

thos are th times whn yuo need to go inward. primal. feed yuorslf. yuor soul. and come back stedy as the hartbeat of your mother.

what we choose to give our dauters, as ther legasy, is mcch more than any $. Its undrstandng, on how to cherish ther self wrrth, to honor ther own dignity, to get bak up aftr yuo fall down, to choose love evry singl time the choise arives, to be redy to hold anothr up til thay are strong enuf to hold themslvs, to take rsponsiblty for not only ther actions but also ther INactions, if yuo want yuor life to be bettr then get bisy, to pay honor to yuor mother, and to grashusly acept the honor pade to yuo as a mother.........

i now am.
i want my dauter to be.
and i no my mother to be.

Stedy as the HartBeat of Our Mothers.

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