Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Case Study for Medical Marijuana

I'd like to adress this persnl issu.
During my battle wth cancer, i was givn Marinol, synthetc THC, th activ componnt of mary jane. and it workd, whn the othr scope of anti nausea meds didnt. i had cyclic vomiting tthat cod only be stoppd by ER meds givn by IV.

Remission brings alot of happy. and alot of battl woonds yuo must deel with. i stil fite nausea evry sngl day. and have a constrictd throt tthat needs to be stretchd a cupl times a year now due to all th vomitng iv done. my stomak is now paralizd, and i cant digest food rite. so it coses evn mor nausea and vomitng.
I'm on zofran, and a new one atarax to help wth itching rite now, and the mainstay phenerghan and ativan.

i just want to offer a glimps.
now im in th middl of a month supply, so the left bottl is normly full wn i get it frrst. the bottl on the left is the dose of phenergan i am on now 250mg.  the bottl on th rite? thats th amt of phenergan i was using 2 yrs ago, 75mg.
I'm 42. and this is a permnt condishn. and thees meds work like this, yuor body becoms adictd to them, and it takes mor of them to 'do th job' so yuo have to bump up yuor dose. what th hell will my dose be in a year? what abowt whn (if?) i'm 50?

Medical Marijuana. non adictiv. it works. and it cod help othr areas as wel. tax it. thers extra revenu. but its educashn tthats needed. this is not a 'gateway' drug. i need help for extreem nausea. and i'd love to have a non adictv option.

so tthats my soap box tday! thanks for sharing a coke wth me. Make it a grate day!


  1. No words, just hugs...

  2. Hon, I totally agree with you. Having known (and known of) others battling cancer, my heart goes out to you. Not only does Marinol help those dealing with cancer treatment induced nausea, but it helps people who can't keep food down for other reasons, as well.