Friday, October 14, 2011

Soul Diet


I am begining a soul diet, a quiet (mabe! ) adventur of lessning my 'bothers', and losing my 'strays'. The 'bothers' of my mind that trrns so fast as if on a hamster wheel tthat i canot keep up need to be shed. The stray worys and hurts and misgivngs in my hart need to be shaken owt, beetn owt like Granma did her rugs.
My soul needs to be clensd, renewd, refreshd.

This is a strict diet, but its all up to yuo. or me, that is.

Evry morning, I am going to find somthng I love abowt me and abowt my life.

I will pick 1 person evry day to reech owt to, pray for, let them no thay are cherishd.

I will ask myslf 'how are yuo doing?' and thn reward myslf for a truthfl anser.

i will get owtside evry singl day. no mattr what.

I will lern to lisen to peepl withowt assuming it is me who shod fix ther problm. just lisning is good.

I abslutly positvly promis myslf to take care of ME. my body's needs and wants and desires. I promis to invest in myslf, emoshnly by givig in to 'i need cuddls NOW', psycly by lerning mor and understanding my treetmnt plan and be proactiv. and physicly, by treeting myslf to a new hair cut, or nail polish, or ......yep.! SHHOES

OK! heer are th restrictns.

I have a wory box. a reel box. so whn a wory pops into my hed, i will rite it down and put it into th box....and LEEV it ther. Like the story of th llittle girl who wantd her Father to fix her broken toy, but took it with her whn she walkd away.....I haave to leeve my wory with the Father in ordr fr Him to fix it . and i mite put ths same wory into th box evry time it upsets me. as long as i consusly commit it to th wory box eech time. i beleev in ths exrsizze.

I will not lisen to anythng negativ regardng myslf. if smbdy has a problm wth me, we can talk. but as soon as it esclats to more than that, i politely will tell them to shove it and walk away smiling. the smile is key. evn if yuo dont feel like smiling, 'fake it til yuo make it'.

I will firmly keep my mind OPEN.

I will not take on any rsponsblty wthowt takng a brake and reely thinkng abowt it.

I will be mindful of how many spoons i have. and tell others, if i need, that i need help or asistns. Reed the Spoon Theory heer

I will grasp at 1 problm at a time and tackl it. rmembr, 'Just for today, I will try to live through this day only,
 and not tackle my whole life problem
 at once. I can do something for twelve hours
 that would appall me if I felt that I had to
 keep it up for a lifetime.'

 Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee with me this morning! Make it a grate day!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gettin Older and Lovin It

considering the alternatv? yes, evry day above grownd is a good day.

We will be walkng in the Cincinnati Light The Night walk-a-thon. It is a time of selbrating and greeving, looking at what is and what cod have ben.

I am sooooooo blessd. God's Spoild Dauter. yep, dat be me.

so my thots are scatterd like dry crisp leaves dansing in the yard. i thnk i will join that danse!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Time......Itsa Changin

Like my fan page if ya like. i do apreshate and help promote others as mcch as possibl.

Nxt week is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Walk down at Sawyer Point heer in cincy. the rout is going ovr 1 bridge and down th street to the othr bridge and going ovr that one.
ther is no way we can do that. but we do have our gole. to GET to th 1st bridge. yep! and im confdnt we will make that gole.

Yuov herd me whine bowt some signifcnt diffcltys heer, regardng long term side efcts. but im heer. and im on borrowd time. i no that. and milk it fr all its wrrth.

The guy we are walkng in honor of is in hospice at his home. evry day is a struggl fr strength. im so prowd of Dave! and his wife, Jen. thay are amazng.

I'm shur i will rite later. fr now, I just want all my peeps to pleez share our lymphoma walkathon at Sawyer Point.

Heer are my prints that are a part of rasing funds for this!
Evn the moon dressed up in RED for our walk last year! $25, with 20% going to LLS

Redy Set GO! 20% of this print goes to LLS

Perfect rainbow, dubl.....$35 with 20% going to LLS

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Case Study for Medical Marijuana

I'd like to adress this persnl issu.
During my battle wth cancer, i was givn Marinol, synthetc THC, th activ componnt of mary jane. and it workd, whn the othr scope of anti nausea meds didnt. i had cyclic vomiting tthat cod only be stoppd by ER meds givn by IV.

Remission brings alot of happy. and alot of battl woonds yuo must deel with. i stil fite nausea evry sngl day. and have a constrictd throt tthat needs to be stretchd a cupl times a year now due to all th vomitng iv done. my stomak is now paralizd, and i cant digest food rite. so it coses evn mor nausea and vomitng.
I'm on zofran, and a new one atarax to help wth itching rite now, and the mainstay phenerghan and ativan.

i just want to offer a glimps.
now im in th middl of a month supply, so the left bottl is normly full wn i get it frrst. the bottl on the left is the dose of phenergan i am on now 250mg.  the bottl on th rite? thats th amt of phenergan i was using 2 yrs ago, 75mg.
I'm 42. and this is a permnt condishn. and thees meds work like this, yuor body becoms adictd to them, and it takes mor of them to 'do th job' so yuo have to bump up yuor dose. what th hell will my dose be in a year? what abowt whn (if?) i'm 50?

Medical Marijuana. non adictiv. it works. and it cod help othr areas as wel. tax it. thers extra revenu. but its educashn tthats needed. this is not a 'gateway' drug. i need help for extreem nausea. and i'd love to have a non adictv option.

so tthats my soap box tday! thanks for sharing a coke wth me. Make it a grate day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Poem Stedy as the Hartbeat of my Mother series 2

Stedy as The HartBeat of My Mother

Like the willow
Bending and moving along with the struggls we fase eech day
I no i wont brake
Insted I will use that wind to danse, and hum the primordl beat i have herd sinse time began.

As i smell the storm comin, i do not brase agenst it.
Rather i climb the thunder and danse with the litening
And pore out my fear and anger
And come down, clensed....purifyd....renewd.
And I continu to hum that ancient beat......

Circumstanse cannot chang me, it can only present itself.
Struggls and shocks in life will alwas be.
I will be found riding the superwaves in the sky, riding it all out.

I am as stedy as the Hartbeat of my Mother.

My girl child is now a mother. What lessns have i givn her? 
keep the faith. When yuo cannot find yuor way, look up.
And reech out.
Cherish evry momnt. Enjoy yuor child's life. 
And when the ruff comes
Remembr, Yuo are stedy as the Hartbeat of yuor Mother

Sara's Spotlite~"Whats Your Latitude?" by Roger Lumpp

Introdusing yuo to Roger and his brain child, Whats Your Latitude

In his own words....
I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system) in April 2010 and subsequently completed 8 months of ABVD chemotherapy to fight my disease.  During my various treatments, tests, and recovery periods I would often close my eyes and project myself to a specific place from my life that I loved until the treatment ended or the nausea went away. 
The underlying positive emotions I felt were what helped me through some of my longest tests and toughest recovery periods.
During a relaxing drive to my aunt and uncles’ lake house in the Kettle Moraine region of Wisconsin, my wife and I were discussing our love for the particular latitude that cut through Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, and Northern New York where she grew up.
After the next week’s chemo session I had my “ah ha” moment on the couch in my family room where I connected my thoughts and found the word to describe the place I was escaping to mentally during scans:
My Latitude.
For the final half of my 8 month long chemotherapy adventure, my mind was kept occupied with the simple goal of building a platform for everyone to discover and communicate their Latitude to others.
Through living the emotions associated with our Latitude we can lift our lives above the stresses that inhibit our growth as individuals and as a society."

A very cool consept. ther often is a driving need among thos who have fallen to this, and have the need to create comunitys, support bords, armor and anythng els that can get us thru eech day. and it dos not stop at remissn. Nope, it dosnt. 

I apreshate this becos it is somthg yuo work owt for yuorslf. and yuo can begin anytime. and anywher yuo hapn to be. evn a hospitl bed. close yuor eyes and begin. and if yuo can only focus for an hour btween pain meds, whch was th case for me, then that hour is well spent.
i like this posibilty too.

my latitude may chang. thru my jorny, it isnt the same as it was whn i was watching those roses so carefly, hoping thay wod make it thru winter so i cod too. now its diffrent. 

thanks Roger, for lettng me share. and thanks readers for sharing a cup of coffee with me. Make this a grate day! This video of Playing for Change will help ya on that! Click and enjoy


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stedy as the HartBeat of My Mother Series, Part 1

When peepl ask
'how are yuo'
'oh fine, thanks....yuo?'
'oh im good. Our yungest is in colleg now'
'oh congrats'
well, nise seeing yuo!
'we'l call!'

how many times have yuo had tthat convo?
do yuo at leest have one person, prefrbly a cupl peepl , tthat yuo can ansr th questn 'how are yuo'.......'dam i feel like SHIT!'

cos yuo no thay reely want to no how yuo are.
yuo can spill yuor upset with this dimond in the ruff frend and will be huggd. and comfrted.

just as importntly.....are YUO that dimond to othrs? its tuff. and yuo cant do it all th time. somtims we have to just say, owr buckets are empty and we have to recharg.

thos are th times whn yuo need to go inward. primal. feed yuorslf. yuor soul. and come back stedy as the hartbeat of your mother.

what we choose to give our dauters, as ther legasy, is mcch more than any $. Its undrstandng, on how to cherish ther self wrrth, to honor ther own dignity, to get bak up aftr yuo fall down, to choose love evry singl time the choise arives, to be redy to hold anothr up til thay are strong enuf to hold themslvs, to take rsponsiblty for not only ther actions but also ther INactions, if yuo want yuor life to be bettr then get bisy, to pay honor to yuor mother, and to grashusly acept the honor pade to yuo as a mother.........

i now am.
i want my dauter to be.
and i no my mother to be.

Stedy as the HartBeat of Our Mothers.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Request

On this jorney I walk, I am care-ful to not take anythng for grantd. i am fully awar i am on borrowd time. and it is so preshus! due to the amazing discovrys sins '99 whn i was frrst dx'd to 5 yrs aftr whn i reechd my 1st remissn, ther are so many amazng treetments avalbl now! whn i had the necrotic brain tissu begin to canibaliz brain tissu, the IMRT rads was THER to meet my need, thus savng me frm becoming a horific burden to my famly.

For that perspectv, i will be forevr humbld.

This is my persnl page for our Light The Night walk heer in cincy
This is my TEAM page on our Light The Night walk heer!
this is Kathy's Light The Night walk in Wisconsin

we are still holding an online auction, if yuo jump in on tthat, ther are LOTS of such cool prizes. what i AM asking of eech of simply to click 'share'. just that. wod yuo share this with me?

evrybody has ben tuchd by cancer in some way. just share it. as far as donatns, i rquest $1. cos i thnk we can aford $1. and whn peepl hit me up fr mony to ther caus, somtims i just dont have tth obligatry $20 rquested. an it makes me feel like crap, and its embarsing.
i CAN do $5. and def $1.
and if yuo cant evn do tthat rite now, wth the econmy being in th toilet , i totly get it. so just share this with yuor peeps. Pleez. yuo can be a HERO. share it.

i leeve yuo wth tinkling lovly gaelic runes

Deep peace of the running wave to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.

thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me! Make this a grate day!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Do You Remember

a soul brother of mine, Dave, has ben fiting refractry hodge for 4yrs. one treetmnt aftr anothr, eech one faling and leeving him sicker. thru it all, his spirit has ben honed and strengthnd like a sword. tested by fire. tho his days are numberd, his soul will not brake. he has givn me permissn to share an email he sent me.
i give it to you, with all the love i posess for this guy and his wife, Jen.

Do You Remember?

It’s quickly approaching the end of summer and Jen, my wife, and I were sitting on the porch the other evening, watching all our critters. We could detect the faint order of wood burning, coming from the Great Dismal Swamp fire.

We watched as the lizards played in and searched the dirt in the planters. It was comical to watch them bury their heads and then lift their heads and shake off the dirt. They will make certain that those plants don't have any bugs!

The three Praying Mantises were chasing down their dinner...which they succeeded in! The largest is a female and measures over 7 inches long. We watched her with her eggs and then the babies. The other two are smaller, about 4 or 5 inches. They all provide an enjoyable source of entertainment!

As we sat there watching all this, Jen asked if I can even remember what it was like to feel truly good. This question stunned me for a few seconds and then I began to think about it. Feeling is now as elusive as the smoke we're smelling, wafting around ethereally, touching me on rare occasions. Frustrating me as I know it's there, but there is nothing to hold onto it with. It's been over 4 years I've been dealing with this cancer. Chemo's every other week for eight months, then in the hospital for more and the SCT, followed by more months of various chemos’ and even drug trials. All failing miserably.

Now I just try to manage the pain levels. No, I can honestly say I can't remember what it's like to feel good. Yeah, I have good days and bad days, but really feeling good....Those days are gone. The only regret is that I can't remember the feelings.

So, we continue to sit watching the antics of our critters, sipping lukewarm coffee and talking about the day’s events. The girls, our two Landseer’s (each over two hundred pounds!) come in and look pleadingly at us. They want their brushing, petting and treat!

As dusk begins we reluctantly go inside with girls. They get their treat and lay down...Molly in front of Jen and Dolly in front of me. As dusk turns to night we hear the call of all the other critters...owls, frogs, cicadas and others we can't identify.

It's then that I realize that feeling good is but a moment in time and I damn this disease for keeping that from me and destroying those memories.

If I am up to it and the weather is cooperative, tomorrow evening I will sit on the porch, along with Jen, sipping lukewarm coffee, talking about the day’s events, laughing at the antics of our critters and marveling at the world around us. I also reflect on all the wonderful friends and family that have stayed with me and continue to support me through this journey.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

And as I walk along I wonder......

Where the hell did summer go?!
I'm being a spoild brat, of cors. my summer startd wth my long awated honeymoon, and a renewal in a relashnship i frankly was afrad was ovr. it went on to be alot of fun wth Alexander, my 1st grandpup. but my son, Donnie, movd all th way to cali. ther are othr litning bolts in my storm i wont share heer. but im positiv yuo are feeling th same. where the hell did summer go?!?!

We are geering up for the september Leukemia and Lymphoma Lite The Nite walk. I soooooooo hope all the kids make it agen. (well, 'sides donnie, i undrstand) it truly meens th wrrld to me. and has shown me my path thru this jorny. th times i was abl to walk it slowly. whn i needed a wheelchare th whole time. hopefly this year i will push th wheelchare fr awile by myslf bfor i get in it.

my frend kathy and i are puttng tgethr a Part 2 Online Auction!~ Ther are tons of prizes that didnt get atten last time arownd, so heers the list! Get yuor bids in fast!

Yuo can be a hero! Truth.

and I thank yuo so so mcch for this.

as alwas
Me and Prinse Alexander Nikolai

Friday, August 5, 2011

A day in the Life of Mick, My 'evrything' Dog

To call him a therpy dog isn't enuff. To try to call him an alert dog is trivilizing. He is my Evrything. I'v had him sins he was 8weeks old, he will be 4 on October 31, my haloooooooween pup. He dos somthg extrordnary. he 'speeks ' to me. im shur all dogs comuncate. but he speeks in sch a way that othrs can almost see it happn.
and thay wonder......did i just see that?

Tom coms in th living room eeting a hot dog. mick politely sits and ses 'hay dad. no wht i like? hot dogs' and he wil get it.
he comes to me and then puts his nose rite on the door. 'hay mom. no what i need? to reed the news'. aka reeding othr dogs' pee. unless its th back door. then its 'hay mom. no what i need? to kill that goddam squirrl"
when smbdy comes to the house he grashusly brings them a toy and then proseeds to atempt to bathe them. its only polite.
so he and i oftn sit on my porch. one of his fave thngs to do. peepl-watch. i do puzzls on my ipad and he wachs peepl. he wil start barking reely loud. an i'l say, 'mick what th fuck??? its an old man! dont bark at an old man!' and mick ses, 'hes an asshol. yuo just cant smell it. i no ass when i smell it'. cant argu ther.

im shur i'l add to this later. rite now, mick just told me the dam squirl needs chewin.

Terry of TideTogether gives away 4!! $25 gift sertificats!

Thats rite! ther will be 4 winners. This is NOT A BID item. You simply put your name down in comments and tell us what yuor fave thing is in her shop, TideTogether . Then we will choose by 4 winners! eezy peezy! heers a cupl examples

so get your name in!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Light The Night Auction Part 2!

YEP! it was so sucessful we had too many items that didnt get enuff atten to be bid on. So we desided to have a part 2 so thees items cod be front and center and have tth lite shined on them.

Kathy and I wod like to take this momnt to thank all who partisipated, from the bottom of our harts. Thank yuo to all the sponsors who genrusly gave ther wondrfl items, and thank yuo to evry bidder! thats how sucessful it was. We are splitting the proceeds btween our Light The Night pages, which you can see heer:
 MY HEERS TO HOPE team Light The Night Cinci Heers To Hope
Kathy Fry's HEERS TO HOPE team Light The Night Capital 11 Heers To Hope team

OK. Heer is the NEW LIST!

Check out Kathy Fry's offer of a week in Paradise! 
You do NOT want to miss out on bidding on this amazing relaxy adventur! Check it out!


 Take a look at Juliet Armstrong, Jeweler of Royalty's page
she has donated a lovly pair of earrings, her style is beutiful, in beutiful gems and hammerd gold.


this lovly singing scarf is donated to us by maria of Singing Scarves etsy shop 
its an $80 value, so far has a $15 bid on it, so it made it to our 2nd part. check it out and bid!


Terry of TideTogether has 4 incredibl $25 gift serts to give away! This is NOT a BID ITEM! it is a FREE item!! Thats Rite! FREE! 
Simply go to her page, and leev a comment telling us what yuor fave thing is in her shop. thats it! winners will be chosen by


 heer is somthing we ALL buy! so why not buy it and donate to charity too! Clare Corcoran of Milana gives us thees sweets

 My own photo shoot for locals! ever wanted to be a model? think you got it? are you in the Cincy/Newport area? I'm offering a no-sitting-fee, 3 outfit-change, hour-long photo shoot, which includes editing and the DVD! any location in this area! yuo will have an incredible portfolio. i promise! C'mon! be a STAR for a day!
an example only

be prepared for instant vacay relaxy! bid on this beutiful set of wall prints 
garanteed to slow your breething and give you calm. bask in the sun, and remember when. dont miss out on bidding for this lovly set.

if urban is more yuor style, check out this eclectic wall grouping. its edgy and fun
this is one you def want to bid on!


Linda Nelson has donated this lovly blue daisy bouquet, isnt it just brethtaking? get your bid in!
The Academy presents for th very 1st time the prestegus Pickle Award!!!! compleet with matching christmas ornamnt and the legend
You will NEVR SEE THIS agen! The Academy approvs this message. The Academy acepts Lauds and paypal.


Check this lovly framed quote by Colette
it is just beutifl, and wod lift your spirit up wherevr you choose to display it. simply lovly.

bid on thees beutiful black onyx and copper earrings donated by Tax Unique Designs 
thay are STELLAR.

Wendy of Always Greener has donated a $25 gift cert.! anything in her shop! 
gift certs are diffrent, as yuo do not bid on them. these are FREE!!! yuo simply put your name down on the comments of her page, and tell me what yuor fave thing in her shop is. we choose by random draw. thats IT!

Paul Whortman's hand crafted chandelier dream catcher is stunning. a pic is wrrth a thowsand words. i will let this pic speek! 

this original copyrighted poem comes framed with it


Mr and Mrs Jesse Finkelstein has genrusly donated a beutiful print, to be made into a 10=card set. As you can see, it is beutifl 


 this sweet vintage afghan by Susan Rydell Fischer was donated to our caus and it is lovly! 
dont miss out on bidding!

pleez share this wth yuor frends, family, cyrcles, etc! C'mon! BE HEROS! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


OK! So our online auction to benfit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light The Night charity has gottn so big we have desided to extend to a Part 2!

We are going to close out all items that have ben bid on. And will carry over all items withowt bids to a Part 2 auction. This is grate for you and us! You get to have anothr chanse to grab up a cool item or 2 and help stomp out leukemia and lymphoma at th same time! and we get closer to meeting our page goles. which brings us all closer to a CURE. who nos! it may be YUOR DOLLAR that gives us that cure! Cool, huh!

SO! Take a last look at our auction list. Get your bids in. July 29th, this part ends and bids are won.

Pleez share this. Pleez tell yuor frends, famly, yuor cyrcls and groops. Cancer reserch has a trickl-down effect. A brake in one area meens a brake in all. Reserch gives us cutting edg treatmnts that save lives. With Washington making drastic cuts to servises, this mony is vital to programs that support patients and ther famlys. Among the things LLS dos is a one time $500 check to evry patient it can. To use as yuo need. Mine went to med.


Rite now, get 20% off this print (in fact, my entire store!) and STILL 20% gos to Leukemia and Lymphoma Reserch!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vintage Afghan by Susan Rydell Fischer of SimplySuzula on etsy

Lets tiptoe into this lovly shop and check owt this sweet sweet afghan tthat Susan Rydell Fischer has donated to our auction!
what a beuty!

in her own words:  I am a great-granny living in rural Tennessee after a childhood on the New Jersey shore. Transforming into a country gal came easy to me, and I love it here.

I started collecting vintage linens and housewares years ago for my own pleasure, and Etsy has allowed me to expand my collections and share them with others. I can often be found at local estate sales, searching for treasures.

I love Etsy, and all the friends I've found in this great community!! 

We are honord to have this beuty in our auction.
Bidding on this item starts NOW!  

NO LONGER AVALABLE!~ AUCTION ITEM~Maria Jürimäe's beutifl silk painted scarf of SingingScarves etsy shop

Take a peek with me into Maria's lovly shop and see the incredibl scarf she has created for our auction.
In her own words: I am an Estonian silk artist who is specialized in custom silk paintings.
My name is Maria Jürimäe, and I am mother of two lovely girls. Painting on silk is my passion. I have painted on silk and taught silk painting for over 15 years.

I love to sing while painting. In old Estonian and Finno-Ugric tales the power of song is really strong – it can influence our lives, it can create the new worlds. Our nation has not forgotten this wisdom. And we sang ourselves free from the Soviet Union!

My silk scarves and silk ties carry the joy of making them, and the good wishes that are specially painted into them.

I am a member of Estonian team, EST (European Street Team), and EPE Team♥ Etsy Project Embrace ♥:
This team connects artists to create together awareness and support for people who have been diagnosed and are suffering with Cancer. My mother died on it 10 years ago, and my piano teacher when she was surely too young. So if you buy a singing scarf 10% of the proceeds from the sale will go to the Estonian Cancer Society.

If you would like to know more about me, the magic world of singing scarves, and silk painting, you are welcome to visit my web-home:

For wholesalers and boutique owners:

I love to paint on silk and I have a nice collection of unique silk scarves at my home.
If you love to sell something unique, real, magic, you are welcome to ask me for wholesale prices! In local boutiques my scarves are among the bestsellers, so why not to take the chance! 

Take a look at this beuty
 Bidding for this auction item starts NOW!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Detachment~A Day in the Life of TBT(Traumatic Brain Trauma)

Ther are days whn I awake to feel a detachment of self frm life. Its hard to describe. but it is scary as shit. I feel disconectd from my body, I wach my hands move and dont seem to undrstand how. If i hrrt myslf on thees days, I am detachd frm that also.....making the injry wors cos I dont stop in an aproprat time. Somtims this lasts for days. I walk thru my life feeling like a ghost. Seeing my husband, and needing desprtly to screem to him to help me....or seeing my dauter as she stops by and I cant undrstand the words she is saying cos it seems like evn as she is standng rite bside me it looks like she is a mile away, in my warped vision. Yes, it afects my vision like a fish eye lens. i'm a photographer and that is a perfct way to say it.
My startl reflex is horendus on thees days.

I no ther are sevrl reesns I do this. I undrstand the patholgy and mentl reesons, from PTSD of an abusive marrig, to deeling with cancer, to having traumatic brain trauma from that, and the endless radiashn and treetmnt.......

but ultimatly it dosnt mattr WHAT coses it. What mattrs is to STOP IT. I forse myslf OFF the computr, OWT of my bedroom. I forse myslf to speek to my lovd ones, and to let my husband no i am feeling this way so he can be aware and help me back to good. I'm blessd. I'm an aquarius with an aquarian husband. perfect.

If you suffr from depressn, PTSD, anxiety, fear of leeving your home, or th many reesns of TBT, I hope this helps you.
Evn whn it dosnt feel reel, forse yourslf to reech out to sombdy. and tell thm exacly what is hapning to yuo within yuor head. let them no just how scary it is. I have ben brot close to suisidal thots due to this condishn. It is VITAL that yuo make sombdy in yuor life aware of this condishn so if thay notise you pulling away thay can make the effrts to bring you back out.

If this sounds like smbdy yuo no......welp, thats what ya gota do! Reech out, evn if the person puts yuo off. keep it up. try to be undrstandng. see the anxiety for what it is. and dont let go.

thanks fr sharing a coke with me ths aftrnoon. and for helping me to come out. Make it a grate day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sara's Artist Watch! Colette of Raw Art Letter Press

Today I'm proud to feature anothr artist who has donated an item in our Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light The Night online auction! Meet Colette of Raw Art Letter Press.

how long have yuo ben crafting? when did yuo start?

i come from a long line of crafty gals - my grandma turned 100 last february and she is still doing needle work and other crafts. i have been making stuff since i can remember - my mom is very crafty and always had supplies around with which we could make things.

what inspired you to begin and what keeps you inspired now?

sister corita kent was a printmaker and teacher whose work has very much inspired me. she is best known for her 'love' stamp.

i am inspired by simple things, common phrases and a lot of special requests! some of the most popular prints came first as customer requests, so i am always glad to hear suggestions.

what is the favrit thing in your shop for you?

my favorite print at the moment is a purple elephant dancing on a birthday cake. 
TOO CUTE! $18 with $3 shipping

how long have yuo ben on etsy? how were yuo introdusd to etsy?

i opened my etsy shop on july 22, 2009 so i've been doing this for two years. my sister has an etsy shop, Lulu Bug Jewelry ( ) and i wanted to understand what she was doing so i opened a shop. she now has a line of pieces that are made from my prints - it is great to work together with her.

any advise to a newby?

or people who are just starting out on etsy? i think the first thing is to make what you love to make. take good photos. get a system for organizing your stuff. talk to other people and ask for help. join a team. make treasuries. participate in virtual labs. don't get overwhelmed or discouraged - this is a new thing. you wouldn't throw your kids in the ocean and expect them to swim - keep that in mind and let yourself be a beginner.

oh, and remember to have fun making your stuff! you are the only person who can do what you do and if you don't make it it will not exist. you never know how what you create will influence someone. my mantra is "stop arguing with your ideas, get out of your way, and make something!"

what is yuor fave charity yuo wod like to have hilited?

one charity that i support is Life Transitions Network which is part of the work Elisabeth Kubler Ross did. they offer workshops for those experiencing loss and transition of all sorts.

This is Colette's item in our auction.

thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Make it a grate day! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear God, Thanks for Evrything. Love, Me

Upon a nudg frm a frend, I rite tday's entry.

Its one of those tea sippin, lazy sunshine, slite breezy perfct mornings of summer. When it seems tthat all is rite in our world.
my famly is helthy.
my granma sally is still being silly.
my husbnd is crazy for me and vise versa.
my grandpup totly rocks.
my mick is mr. cool dog.
my pain tday is a 6, so im wrrkng on that.
a dear frend, my 'big bro', is fiting for evry day. how i love him and his fam.
i wory bowt all the kiddos, i want thm to all find hapyness, in whatevr mannr that is.
my mom's feelngs hav ben hrrt and im hugging her.
im frustrated by my inabilty to fix my dauter's problms. SHE has to.
my throt biopsy came bak neg agen, sept for the barrot cells. so no cancer fr anothr 6mnths.
im givng myslf 6 weeks to re-invent myslf.

think of yuor own life, rite this momnt. all of it. the good, th not so good, th bad. Its life.

"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans"

Life is a grand adventur, a crazy ride.

When yuo go thru yuor day today, rmembr to give thanks (in whatevr way yuo do) for EVRYTHNG. cos evrythng makes yuo who yuo are.
heers to hope!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sara's Artist Watch! Christine A Smith of Fifthelementdesign

Come take my hand and let us walk tgethr. to a beutifl shop that clenses our souls. 

Lets take a peek arownd...of Christine's Fifth Element Design shop 
stunning and simple too, and amazng prise of $25! with $5 shipping

I am in love with this ring and will end up buying it. at $32, and $3.50 shipping, how can i NOT!

OK, lets chat.....

how long have yuo ben crafting? when did yuo start?
I have been making jewelry for about a year.

I started to make jewelry as a way to express my creative side and touch other people. I have Multiple Sclerosis and it has been very difficult for me to write which is what I used to do, so I had to find another way to express myself and creating jewelry helps me do that.

what inspired you to begin and what keeps you inspired now?
What keeps me inspired is that I love what I do. I love to make jewelry, I love to help people heal which is what my jewelry is designed to do.

what is the favrit thing in your shop for you?

My favorite thing in my shop right now is this bracelet:
$28 and $3.50 shipping

how long have yuo ben on etsy? how were yuo introdusd to etsy?
I have been on Etsy since February of this year 2011. I found Etsy doing a search of handmade jewelry.

any advise to a newby?

The advice I have for a newbe is to give it time. If you have a product you believe in and you create your shop using all the tips that Etsy gives, you will sell. A few of the most important points to having a successful shop:

*Make sure you have gorgeous pictures
*Work on your search engine optimization
*Enjoy what you do

what is yuor fave charity yuo wod like to have hilited?

If I have the opportunity to highlight something I really believe in and hope to help I would like to tell you about a shop on Etsy that is a cooperative of women that sell Shea Butter from Sudan. The shop is called, Lululife: Lulu Works Trust, LTD is a member-owned women's cooperative registered in Sudan and Kenya. LWT was set up with the assistance of MEDIC, an international NGO that has since worked side-by-side with the women's cooperative providing technical assistance and moral support encouraging the women to make their shea butter available world-wide and facilitating access to international markets.

The woman of Sudan have seen horrors that our minds wouldn't be able to comprehend. We all need to help each other. Their Etsy shop is:

me agen! sara heer. as yuo can see, buying anythng in this shop is going to be a blessing crossd twise. a person who deels with daly chronic pain is somthng i truly undrstand. and she gos owt of her way to champion the women of Sudan.

This sweet lady also has an item donated to my online auction to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. so her charity undrstands no limits! what a lovly soul!

heer is the beutifl braselet she created for us!
You can click this link rite heer to bid on this beutifl necklase and help fite cancer too!

and i encurage yuo to click heer and take a look at all the rest of the cool items we have up for auction!

thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Make it a grate day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sara's Artist Watch! Vikota of Lavinia's Room

I am featuring artists who are takng part in our auction to benefit my and kathy fry's Leukemia and Lymphoma Light The Night pages, heer is MY Heers To Hope LTN page,  and then then heer is Kathy's Heers To Hope LTN page.

Today's feature artist is Vikota, of Lavinia's Room. she is a native american craftsman and is a beutifl jeweler. Let's get to no her a bit.....

 how long have yuo ben crafting? when did yuo start? I have been crafting since I learned to use scissors.

what inspired you to begin and what keeps you inspired now?My Dad was an artist and poverty taught me to upcycle. I put the two together. When I see something that appears obsolete, I always wonder what I can turn it into. I only begun to fill my shop with the things that are still to be put together.

what is the favrit thing in your shop for you?In LaviniasRoom is my favorite, and it is a far cry from what I have planned.

how long have yuo ben on etsy?I've been on Etsy for over a year on my other shop for over a year and in this shop since last August.

any advise to a newby?My advice to newbies is: Find what is on the inside of you and translate it to the outside.

what is yuor fave charity yuo wod like to have hilited?
Wounded Warriors is my favorite charity.

 You can find Vikota's art in her etsy shop Lavinia's Room and also in her other etsy shop, Vikotas.

Her item in our auction to benefit the Leukemia and lymphoma Society is fownd heer on her own auction page and bidding is still going on! 
this is the lovly braselet she created just for our auctn.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Auction Item--One Week Stay in Secluded Puerto Rico Mountain Cabin!

Cabin with covered patio
Up for auction is a seven day stay at our Puerto Rico vacation cabin!  The cabin is located on the secluded and quiet northern edge of the Maricao Forest Reserve in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico, and has all the comforts of home!  Features include:
  • Unique 12-sided design
    530 square feet, fully furnished
  • Two bedrooms, one with queen size bed and one with full size futon
  • Additional futon in living room allows total sleeping for up to 6 people
  • Fully equipped kitchen, including refrigerator, microwave, two burner cook top, coffee maker, toaster and toaster oven
  • Charcoal grill and fire pit
  • Indoor and outdoor showers
  • Covered patio
  • An absolute guarantee of NO SNOW!

    Several special conditions apply to this auction item:
  • Minimum bid of $150
  • Your stay must occur between March 1 and April 15 of 2012
  • Air and ground transportation are not included

The cabin is in the most rural part of the main island of Puerto Rico, in the mountainous coffee growing region of the island.  The nearby town of Maricao offers basic conveniences (grocery, bakery, pizza, convenience store, etc.) but no chain stores of any kind.  You must park at the top of the road and walk in to the property, a distance of about 1100 feet down a dirt and stone road.  The walk up is steep in two places and the road can be slippery if it rains.  

If you love fast paced city life, crowds of people, and cosmopolitan night life...this is not the place for you.  But...if you like to relax in a tropical setting where the houses you can see are over a mile away...if your idea of wild nightlife is listening to the songs of crickets and coquis...if you've ever wondered what it would feel like to take your morning shower outside in the warmth of the morning sun...if you'd like a warm escape in the cold winter months to a place where you can find bananas, mangoes, coconuts and citrus fruits growing wild at the side of the road...if you have a sense of will LOVE IT HERE!  

We will provide information for day trips and area information.  More pictures and info about the cabin can be found on our web site:  

Who wants to go to paradise???

View from bathroom window!
Master Bedroom