Thursday, August 18, 2011

And as I walk along I wonder......

Where the hell did summer go?!
I'm being a spoild brat, of cors. my summer startd wth my long awated honeymoon, and a renewal in a relashnship i frankly was afrad was ovr. it went on to be alot of fun wth Alexander, my 1st grandpup. but my son, Donnie, movd all th way to cali. ther are othr litning bolts in my storm i wont share heer. but im positiv yuo are feeling th same. where the hell did summer go?!?!

We are geering up for the september Leukemia and Lymphoma Lite The Nite walk. I soooooooo hope all the kids make it agen. (well, 'sides donnie, i undrstand) it truly meens th wrrld to me. and has shown me my path thru this jorny. th times i was abl to walk it slowly. whn i needed a wheelchare th whole time. hopefly this year i will push th wheelchare fr awile by myslf bfor i get in it.

my frend kathy and i are puttng tgethr a Part 2 Online Auction!~ Ther are tons of prizes that didnt get atten last time arownd, so heers the list! Get yuor bids in fast!

Yuo can be a hero! Truth.

and I thank yuo so so mcch for this.

as alwas
Me and Prinse Alexander Nikolai

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