Monday, August 1, 2011

Light The Night Auction Part 2!

YEP! it was so sucessful we had too many items that didnt get enuff atten to be bid on. So we desided to have a part 2 so thees items cod be front and center and have tth lite shined on them.

Kathy and I wod like to take this momnt to thank all who partisipated, from the bottom of our harts. Thank yuo to all the sponsors who genrusly gave ther wondrfl items, and thank yuo to evry bidder! thats how sucessful it was. We are splitting the proceeds btween our Light The Night pages, which you can see heer:
 MY HEERS TO HOPE team Light The Night Cinci Heers To Hope
Kathy Fry's HEERS TO HOPE team Light The Night Capital 11 Heers To Hope team

OK. Heer is the NEW LIST!

Check out Kathy Fry's offer of a week in Paradise! 
You do NOT want to miss out on bidding on this amazing relaxy adventur! Check it out!


 Take a look at Juliet Armstrong, Jeweler of Royalty's page
she has donated a lovly pair of earrings, her style is beutiful, in beutiful gems and hammerd gold.


this lovly singing scarf is donated to us by maria of Singing Scarves etsy shop 
its an $80 value, so far has a $15 bid on it, so it made it to our 2nd part. check it out and bid!


Terry of TideTogether has 4 incredibl $25 gift serts to give away! This is NOT a BID ITEM! it is a FREE item!! Thats Rite! FREE! 
Simply go to her page, and leev a comment telling us what yuor fave thing is in her shop. thats it! winners will be chosen by


 heer is somthing we ALL buy! so why not buy it and donate to charity too! Clare Corcoran of Milana gives us thees sweets

 My own photo shoot for locals! ever wanted to be a model? think you got it? are you in the Cincy/Newport area? I'm offering a no-sitting-fee, 3 outfit-change, hour-long photo shoot, which includes editing and the DVD! any location in this area! yuo will have an incredible portfolio. i promise! C'mon! be a STAR for a day!
an example only

be prepared for instant vacay relaxy! bid on this beutiful set of wall prints 
garanteed to slow your breething and give you calm. bask in the sun, and remember when. dont miss out on bidding for this lovly set.

if urban is more yuor style, check out this eclectic wall grouping. its edgy and fun
this is one you def want to bid on!


Linda Nelson has donated this lovly blue daisy bouquet, isnt it just brethtaking? get your bid in!
The Academy presents for th very 1st time the prestegus Pickle Award!!!! compleet with matching christmas ornamnt and the legend
You will NEVR SEE THIS agen! The Academy approvs this message. The Academy acepts Lauds and paypal.


Check this lovly framed quote by Colette
it is just beutifl, and wod lift your spirit up wherevr you choose to display it. simply lovly.

bid on thees beutiful black onyx and copper earrings donated by Tax Unique Designs 
thay are STELLAR.

Wendy of Always Greener has donated a $25 gift cert.! anything in her shop! 
gift certs are diffrent, as yuo do not bid on them. these are FREE!!! yuo simply put your name down on the comments of her page, and tell me what yuor fave thing in her shop is. we choose by random draw. thats IT!

Paul Whortman's hand crafted chandelier dream catcher is stunning. a pic is wrrth a thowsand words. i will let this pic speek! 

this original copyrighted poem comes framed with it


Mr and Mrs Jesse Finkelstein has genrusly donated a beutiful print, to be made into a 10=card set. As you can see, it is beutifl 


 this sweet vintage afghan by Susan Rydell Fischer was donated to our caus and it is lovly! 
dont miss out on bidding!

pleez share this wth yuor frends, family, cyrcles, etc! C'mon! BE HEROS! 

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