Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vintage Afghan by Susan Rydell Fischer of SimplySuzula on etsy

Lets tiptoe into this lovly shop and check owt this sweet sweet afghan tthat Susan Rydell Fischer has donated to our auction!
what a beuty!

in her own words:  I am a great-granny living in rural Tennessee after a childhood on the New Jersey shore. Transforming into a country gal came easy to me, and I love it here.

I started collecting vintage linens and housewares years ago for my own pleasure, and Etsy has allowed me to expand my collections and share them with others. I can often be found at local estate sales, searching for treasures.

I love Etsy, and all the friends I've found in this great community!! 

We are honord to have this beuty in our auction.
Bidding on this item starts NOW!  

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