Monday, July 11, 2011

Auction Item--Jesse and Liz Finkelstein donate thees beutifl cards to our auction

thees fine print copyrighted gifts of a sunset rite at 'magic hour' were shot by Mr Jesse Finkelstein himself. he givs this discription.

This photograph was taken in April 2010 using an Olympus digital SLR, aperture
set manually, with no special filters or digital modification.  The location
the shot is our back balcony at 1063 Hillsboro Mile, Unit 303, Hillsboro Beach,
Florida 33062.  The view is west across the intracoastal waterway (only a few
hundred yards away) toward the rather unphotogenic city of Deerfield Beach.

One of the most surprising aspects of the photo is that it directly targets an
area with extensive commercial and residential development. Only one subtle
clue is apparent: In the far lower left, a few early lights several miles away
in Deerfield Beach are visible.

The tree in the lower left is on the far side of the intracoastal, and serves
the home for a number of nesting pelicans.  Comfortable shelter 500 feet from
hour fresh sushi seems like an intelligent choice for real estate.

This auction set is for a box of 10 cards, an eezy value of $25.

The beuty of this art is brethtaking.

Bidding on this item is open!

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