Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear God, Thanks for Evrything. Love, Me

Upon a nudg frm a frend, I rite tday's entry.

Its one of those tea sippin, lazy sunshine, slite breezy perfct mornings of summer. When it seems tthat all is rite in our world.
my famly is helthy.
my granma sally is still being silly.
my husbnd is crazy for me and vise versa.
my grandpup totly rocks.
my mick is mr. cool dog.
my pain tday is a 6, so im wrrkng on that.
a dear frend, my 'big bro', is fiting for evry day. how i love him and his fam.
i wory bowt all the kiddos, i want thm to all find hapyness, in whatevr mannr that is.
my mom's feelngs hav ben hrrt and im hugging her.
im frustrated by my inabilty to fix my dauter's problms. SHE has to.
my throt biopsy came bak neg agen, sept for the barrot cells. so no cancer fr anothr 6mnths.
im givng myslf 6 weeks to re-invent myslf.

think of yuor own life, rite this momnt. all of it. the good, th not so good, th bad. Its life.

"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans"

Life is a grand adventur, a crazy ride.

When yuo go thru yuor day today, rmembr to give thanks (in whatevr way yuo do) for EVRYTHNG. cos evrythng makes yuo who yuo are.
heers to hope!

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