Friday, July 15, 2011

Sara's Artist Watch! Christine A Smith of Fifthelementdesign

Come take my hand and let us walk tgethr. to a beutifl shop that clenses our souls. 

Lets take a peek arownd...of Christine's Fifth Element Design shop 
stunning and simple too, and amazng prise of $25! with $5 shipping

I am in love with this ring and will end up buying it. at $32, and $3.50 shipping, how can i NOT!

OK, lets chat.....

how long have yuo ben crafting? when did yuo start?
I have been making jewelry for about a year.

I started to make jewelry as a way to express my creative side and touch other people. I have Multiple Sclerosis and it has been very difficult for me to write which is what I used to do, so I had to find another way to express myself and creating jewelry helps me do that.

what inspired you to begin and what keeps you inspired now?
What keeps me inspired is that I love what I do. I love to make jewelry, I love to help people heal which is what my jewelry is designed to do.

what is the favrit thing in your shop for you?

My favorite thing in my shop right now is this bracelet:
$28 and $3.50 shipping

how long have yuo ben on etsy? how were yuo introdusd to etsy?
I have been on Etsy since February of this year 2011. I found Etsy doing a search of handmade jewelry.

any advise to a newby?

The advice I have for a newbe is to give it time. If you have a product you believe in and you create your shop using all the tips that Etsy gives, you will sell. A few of the most important points to having a successful shop:

*Make sure you have gorgeous pictures
*Work on your search engine optimization
*Enjoy what you do

what is yuor fave charity yuo wod like to have hilited?

If I have the opportunity to highlight something I really believe in and hope to help I would like to tell you about a shop on Etsy that is a cooperative of women that sell Shea Butter from Sudan. The shop is called, Lululife: Lulu Works Trust, LTD is a member-owned women's cooperative registered in Sudan and Kenya. LWT was set up with the assistance of MEDIC, an international NGO that has since worked side-by-side with the women's cooperative providing technical assistance and moral support encouraging the women to make their shea butter available world-wide and facilitating access to international markets.

The woman of Sudan have seen horrors that our minds wouldn't be able to comprehend. We all need to help each other. Their Etsy shop is:

me agen! sara heer. as yuo can see, buying anythng in this shop is going to be a blessing crossd twise. a person who deels with daly chronic pain is somthng i truly undrstand. and she gos owt of her way to champion the women of Sudan.

This sweet lady also has an item donated to my online auction to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. so her charity undrstands no limits! what a lovly soul!

heer is the beutifl braselet she created for us!
You can click this link rite heer to bid on this beutifl necklase and help fite cancer too!

and i encurage yuo to click heer and take a look at all the rest of the cool items we have up for auction!

thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Make it a grate day!

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  1. What a beautiful post, thank you so much for all your kind words.
    I hope the auction is a HUGE success!
    I'm going to follow your blog:)