Monday, August 5, 2013

A Personal Chat

I have been pushing this amazing auction for my Light the Night facebook auction   
alot. So I wanted to give a good report on my life and let you know how I am doing. First, the tumor that is about a centimeter through my pituitary tumor is on watch and wait. We are working with a good endocrinologist  who is seriously going to bat for me. She put me on a small dose of hydrocortisone pills for my constant nausea and for the first time in 3 years I have not vomited or had nausea in over a week! Talk about a change in quality of life!
She has also requested and got approval from my insurance for growth hormone from my insurance company. YAY! A woman my age usually has 7-8, and I have 0. This will get rid of my constant fatigue and help me be more diligent in my therapy and in theory help restore muscle growth. I am excited to begin daily injections.

I also FINALLY got my new wheelchair! ultra lite, cherry red! 
It is so awesome! It is custom fit, so it is small enough for me to get around my home by myself! no more having to have Tom to help me to the bathroom! Girls, you absolutely know how liberating this is! I can get to my own kitchen. And here I am, sitting at my Big Mac, with only moderate pain, doing my blog. And that will diminish as I become accustomed to it. I could go on and on about the many ways this has improved my quality of life. But I am sure you can hear it in my speaking/typing.

The 'problem/tumor' is still there, as I am reminded with headaches every day. I take extraordinary amounts of pain meds and oxygen. But every improvement makes life worth living and helps my fight. and this has made me so happy.

so you have the auction link above! still going strong!
an index of what we have is right here
AND last but surely not least, if you care to  make a direct contribution to the Light the Night cause, here is our Team Page, Light The Night HEERS TO HOPE Cincy Page
If you would be so kind, please choose a team member who hasn't made $100 yet so they can get their T-shirt for the walk night. That would be awesome!

I leave you with this blessing.........

May you always have loved ones to hold
May you always have a future untold
May you always have a helping hand
May you always have a cause for to stand

Thank you , my dear friends, TRUTH

If you would like to follow my medical progress further and cheer me on, visit
you have to sign in but its just for safety sake. and I appreciate cheering thru this!
as always,