Monday, July 18, 2011

Sara's Artist Watch! Colette of Raw Art Letter Press

Today I'm proud to feature anothr artist who has donated an item in our Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light The Night online auction! Meet Colette of Raw Art Letter Press.

how long have yuo ben crafting? when did yuo start?

i come from a long line of crafty gals - my grandma turned 100 last february and she is still doing needle work and other crafts. i have been making stuff since i can remember - my mom is very crafty and always had supplies around with which we could make things.

what inspired you to begin and what keeps you inspired now?

sister corita kent was a printmaker and teacher whose work has very much inspired me. she is best known for her 'love' stamp.

i am inspired by simple things, common phrases and a lot of special requests! some of the most popular prints came first as customer requests, so i am always glad to hear suggestions.

what is the favrit thing in your shop for you?

my favorite print at the moment is a purple elephant dancing on a birthday cake. 
TOO CUTE! $18 with $3 shipping

how long have yuo ben on etsy? how were yuo introdusd to etsy?

i opened my etsy shop on july 22, 2009 so i've been doing this for two years. my sister has an etsy shop, Lulu Bug Jewelry ( ) and i wanted to understand what she was doing so i opened a shop. she now has a line of pieces that are made from my prints - it is great to work together with her.

any advise to a newby?

or people who are just starting out on etsy? i think the first thing is to make what you love to make. take good photos. get a system for organizing your stuff. talk to other people and ask for help. join a team. make treasuries. participate in virtual labs. don't get overwhelmed or discouraged - this is a new thing. you wouldn't throw your kids in the ocean and expect them to swim - keep that in mind and let yourself be a beginner.

oh, and remember to have fun making your stuff! you are the only person who can do what you do and if you don't make it it will not exist. you never know how what you create will influence someone. my mantra is "stop arguing with your ideas, get out of your way, and make something!"

what is yuor fave charity yuo wod like to have hilited?

one charity that i support is Life Transitions Network which is part of the work Elisabeth Kubler Ross did. they offer workshops for those experiencing loss and transition of all sorts.

This is Colette's item in our auction.

thanks for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Make it a grate day! 

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