Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sara's Faves~Artist Pick, Elizabeth Holmes-deForest of Foret

I am going to feature some fave peeps. Elizabeth shares her persnl story and her thots on charity.

Today......i'm hapy to introdus "Ribasus"....

$62.00 with $7.50 shipping, extraordnary detaling

$80 with $7.75 shipping

$280 with $10 shipping, stunning color and repurpose

Hello there~ My name is Elizabeth Holmes-deForest, but my inner circle call me ‘Ribasus’ and even more often, ‘Auntie Ribasus.’ Why? It all came from my son’s attempt to say my name when he was learning to speak. Well… the name stuck, and even my late mother called me Ribasus! Anyway, I have had parallel careers in healing and the arts. They are completely intertwined for me, especially when it comes to my talisman healing amulets which are called ELEMENTALZ. You can learn more about these powerful pendant beings by reading up on them in my profile. The link is right there in the listing. This is one of my favorite ones,

I was born curious and have been pursuing both of my interests… which really boil down to helping people and making beautiful things… since I was a little girl. In the arts, I have some formal training and have won awards for photography and works on paper in the fine arts realm. As for crafts, those began early on learning to sew and knit at my grandmother’s feet. I also would make jewelry from whatever I could lay my hands on. I still have the old candy tin with the few beads which I would combine and recombine for hours on end. But the making of jewelry as a business and also realizing my dream of designing apparel came later. I had some jewelry and design businesses through the ‘70’s, but after the birth of my son in 1984, I got serious about manufacturing my own lines of both jewelry and outerwear. Now that I am officially middle aged, I have moved into a less hectic and deadline sensitive mode. I sell my jewelry and offer some of my astrology services ( I have been a counseling astrologer for over 30 years) at Foret on Etsy. I sell some of the extraordinary supplies and gemstones I have been amassing at ForetTwo on Etsy.

I LOVE what I do and it is always hard for me to pick a favorite piece at Foret. However, this one is very special to me because I love dragons. I was born in the Year of the Water Dragon, so these creatures are all over my house!

And at my other shop, ForetTwo, this is a particular favorite at the moment. It is a Tibetan healing pendant which I purchased from a company which is owned and operated by Tibetans living in exile in Northern India.

I have been on Etsy for three years and found it completely by accident. I then lassoed some of my friends to open shops on Etsy as well. You know. Safety in numbers! I had such diverse items to offer that I used to have three Etsy shops but found that one was always ignored, so I condensed back to two: Foret and ForetTwo. I have very simple advise for anyone who wants to sell on Etsy- 1) list something, preferably more than one thing, every day if you can, 2)make sure that your photographs are the best you can make them because they are what sells your item, 3) observe all of the SEO advice which is readily available to Etsy sellers and make your descriptions and titles all searchable and pertinent, and 4) promote, promote, promote. I find that if I drop the ball as to promoting ( I have my Facebook and Twitter linked as well as being on a number of active Etsy teams) my sales stop in their tracks. Just keep making things better and better. Hang in there and never give up!

As for charities, I am definitely in favor of giving, tithing, and donating to whatever speaks to your heart. As a member of Etsy Project Embrace, I make donations to our charities. Right now, I am more inclined to be giving to the local food bank and to the humane charities which need help at the moment due to the disastrous wildfires here in New Mexico. At the moment, I am writing to you my home in Santa Fe where the air is tainted with smoke from fires both above town in the mountains and from nearby Los Alamos. This is the largest fire in NM history- over 104,000 acres and growing.

Over all, Auntie Ribasus urges you to BE BRILLIANT! Do good works and send Love and Light to everyone and everything on our beautiful planet.

Foret’s Divine Designs and Medicine Show!/RibasusWorld
Personal page:!/elizabethholmesdeforest


  1. Thank You For All You Do For Others. Keep the light my friend you are a wonder to me.
    Love to you Dear One
    Kathleen Prays For ReignRainRiegnRainReignRain

  2. Elizabeth is as wonderful a person as she is an artisan. Thank you for featuring her. I am a huge fan.