Friday, August 5, 2011

A day in the Life of Mick, My 'evrything' Dog

To call him a therpy dog isn't enuff. To try to call him an alert dog is trivilizing. He is my Evrything. I'v had him sins he was 8weeks old, he will be 4 on October 31, my haloooooooween pup. He dos somthg extrordnary. he 'speeks ' to me. im shur all dogs comuncate. but he speeks in sch a way that othrs can almost see it happn.
and thay wonder......did i just see that?

Tom coms in th living room eeting a hot dog. mick politely sits and ses 'hay dad. no wht i like? hot dogs' and he wil get it.
he comes to me and then puts his nose rite on the door. 'hay mom. no what i need? to reed the news'. aka reeding othr dogs' pee. unless its th back door. then its 'hay mom. no what i need? to kill that goddam squirrl"
when smbdy comes to the house he grashusly brings them a toy and then proseeds to atempt to bathe them. its only polite.
so he and i oftn sit on my porch. one of his fave thngs to do. peepl-watch. i do puzzls on my ipad and he wachs peepl. he wil start barking reely loud. an i'l say, 'mick what th fuck??? its an old man! dont bark at an old man!' and mick ses, 'hes an asshol. yuo just cant smell it. i no ass when i smell it'. cant argu ther.

im shur i'l add to this later. rite now, mick just told me the dam squirl needs chewin.


  1. Mick is one hot cool dog :) A bundle of charm!

    We have one such boy at home as well, an ardent squirrel hunter, that drives us nuts but we love him passionately nonetheless :)

  2. You are way to cool my lil' chickadee!