Sunday, June 26, 2011

NEW AUCTION ITEM! $25 Gift Sert By Always Greener

Wendy Bernstein of Always Greener is offering a $25 gift sert to her uber-chic shop!
A reminder how the gift serts work, you do not bid on them. you simply put yuor name down and add your fave thing in the shope owner's store. open to evrybdy! so get yuor name in!

In her own words, I was always the kid with the dried glue on her hands; the one who got poked by a wayward sewing needle while rummaging through her bookbag for a lost assignment. Things haven't changed much over the years---now I'm the carpool mom who keeps a stash of beads and wire in the diaper bag "just in case." I fit my crafting in around the busy schedule of our family of 8, and relish the me-time it carves out. 

I 'speshly love 1 of her items, the spoon pendant it reminds me of The Spoon Theory, by Christine Miserandino.

Item to put your name for is a $25 gift sert. Comment heer with your name and your fave thing in her store! we will random draw! this is open to evrybody so get your name down! dont miss owt!


  1. My favorite items are the "dictionary sacrifice earrings"! SO creative and original!!

  2. i LOVE her repurposed spoons of cors!!! and the earrings i posted heer